Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening



In this session Verna is doing the healing and Dr. Paul is channeling through Miriam.
Verna: What am I getting? It’s a plant. Miriam (Dr Paul) Oh, I wonder who brought that. Verna: It’s a lady and the plant is dying. It’s not been well looked after and she is a member of the family who own this plant. She is in spirit but she feels her family isn’t taking good care of this plant and this plant was hers. Miriam (Dr Paul) So, what are you going to do. Verna: So she has asked us to … this plant needs like we take vitamins – it need nourishment. Miriam (Dr Paul) It does Verna: Not water – I mean, it’s got water but it’s just in dead soil. They do water it but the soil is dead – they soil has got nothing in it. So what she’s asking us to do is to please help her to re….? Miriam (Dr Paul) Re-energise Verna: Yes, but to put something in the soil – to put some goodness in the soil. Miriam (Dr Paul) Yes, to re-energise the soil. It needs nutrients from the air. It is something you have come across before but that is what it needs. Nutrients from the air are missing. Verna: And some – yes, because the soil is so clogged up there’s no air. Miriam (Dr Paul) I think if you all give it some energy that will be fine. Verna: And she wants Luke to hold the pot plant. Just put your hand underneath the pot. Your turn tonight Luke. And she’s laughing. She thought it would be a nice change and a nice surprise. Miriam (Dr Paul) It was.

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