Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening



In this meditation Verna and I are working together doing Astral healing. A Guide called Dr Paul is channeling through Miriam. Geoff:      It is for you but not as you see.  A woman on an island which is very primitive has a child which is so sick and she’s taken the child to the local place of worship and is asking the Gods that she worships – idols – to help the child.  You must show yourself to this woman and she will see you in her mind. Verna:     I can see her.  She’s carrying something on her shoulders – I don’t know if that is the child or a blanket full of their luggage. Geoff:      Yes, she has travelled a long time and the child in her arms is very sick.  She doesn’t know what to do and that is why she is putting all her hopes into this idol.  Geoff:      The child has a very high fever – very high – and in most cases when there is a high fever it is common practice to cool down that person, but in this case the mother must hold the child to her and wrap her blankets, coats, whatever, around them both so that the child’s temperature will go even higher.  It is a virus that needs a very high temperature to break and if you tell the mother to hold her child, and wrap the blanket tightly around them both the energy that we are putting into the mother will go through to the child through the energy centers down the front of the mother – and this will increase the temperature so that the fever will break. It is not important that the women believes in this idol at this stage, but it is important that the child lives.  Show yourself to the mother and put into her mind that this is what she must do because she can relate well to you – and we must center all our energy on Verna who will pass on this energy to the woman.  It is against her instincts to do this but because she is seeing you in her mind, in desperation, she is accepting that she must do it and she is and this way it will not take long for the fever to break.  In a moment the child will cry and at that point the fever will have broken and the child will start to cool and you, Verna, will see this happen.  Verna:   The danger is over now. Geoff:      Yes, the danger is over and the child will live and this woman will go back to her village with stories of the miracle that the idol she worships has created and it will keep the faith alive in the village for more years – for a longer time – until it is time for them to learn more of a new faith.  Spirit looks after this place of worship and although these people are worshipping idols, they do not know better and there is no one to teach them so spirit will translate, change things, until the time is right for this village to learn more.  And now we can leave her safely. She realises what has happened and is very happy. Miriam (Dr Paul)     A very good job that you did Verna, and the child that was saved will do a lot for the transformation that will come in their worshipping habits.

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