Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening



Geoff – Right now I have a flat and a garden in a beautiful area, it is the outskirts of the city, I think it is in the East somewhere, there is someone in this flat who has a very, very strong golden light. He will be the Japanese link to our circle. He is in a suburb of Tokyo and his name is, as far as I can get, is Murako. And I will sit now in his house with him and see what happens. Going straight up from him is an energy which is rusty red in colour and it is coming out of the top of his shoulders and his head, and is going straight up. This is how he astral travels, is this right, what I am seeing? Miriam (Dr Chang) – It is right. Geoff – Good, this was the question I asked before I came here this evening. Miriam (Dr Chang) – He is showing you because you will be doing that one day. Geoff – He learnt this in the beginning, he spent many years in meditation, and when you get into a higher form of meditation, your spirit automatically leaves your physical and it rises to where the air is pure and clear and you are surrounded by oneness, harmony, there is only one thing to see, which is the sky and the clouds, instead of many other things, it is more tranquil, the vibrations and connection or communication to spirit is a lot clearer, because they do not have to go through all the clutter of emotions on earth. Miriam (Dr Chang) – So much easier for us. Geoff – And I can sense, but don’t know how to describe how crystal clear it is coming from his head up to the connection with spirit. Now this is why I changed from meditating in my garden to going up to the top of the mountain, and as I meditate more. In the future I will get to this stage where I can raise myself, my consciousness to that level to communicate clearer. Also seeing is a lot clearer, spirit faces, and seeing when discussions are made instead of sensing. Miriam (Dr Chang) – So much better. Geoff – And it is a simple point from which to astral travel, there seems to be this dividing line which is the ideal place to go to, where we are now there is the dividing line above, and spirit are just the other side of the line, where it is crystal clear. Spirit can then take us from there into astral travel, to show us, to teach us, to take us to different experiences, as we travel with spirit to a certain area to witness something, such as something on the earth plane. As we start below this line, they would take my hand go above the line, and then go back down below the line back to earth, we would be surrounded by the atmosphere at this level, which is a strong primrose yellow and white, that is the energy, totally surrounding us, and we would go down to the earth plane to witness something but we would still have that clear communication because of these two colours surrounding us. I can see the colours on earth being very heavy vibrations, and it is like smog. Miriam (Dr Chang) – Like a thick mist. Geoff – Yes, and it is difficult to see clearly and get through, once you get to a certain object or person you want to get through to, you go right up close to them, so they are within this yellow and white energy field, and that is how connection is made. Miriam (Dr Chang) – Yes, so now you understand how much energy we waste trying to get down, and how much better when you can come up to us. So much better. Geoff – Right, I go back up the top again now, just above this line, and I am looking to my left and on the horizon is a lot more yellow, very strong, and that is like, for want of a better word, heaven, it is symbolic but…… Miriam (Dr Chang) – I know what you mean. Geoff – Now we are going to go over there, and as I get closer I can feel warmth, a heat and breathing, you are breathing in love! Miriam (Dr Chang) – Yes. Geoff – And I am surrounded now, all I can see is this strong yellow and I am right in the middle of it, I can feel it, and it is a very, very strong form of energy, and when I want to talk to spirit people, who remain on the other side, I will pass through this area and collect this yellow energy and I can then see the spirit people on the other side much clearer. But it will take some practice to adjust my senses to use this energy. Miriam (Dr Chang) – Yes, it will take some practice, but it is just giving you some insight of what is to come. Geoff – Now I have got Lillian here again (a relative in spirit) I can see her features much clearer, they keep coming and going, because what I need to do is practice. I will practice this more often on my own. Now when I put my arms around Lillian and given her lots of love and that in turn has created more love around us, it has created an energy and this is how loving energy, or energy to use for things, is created. By giving, the more you want to give or the more you want to love, the more energy, good energy, you create which can be used elsewhere. Miriam (Dr Chang) – And she is beaming, isn’t that wonderful. Geoff – (Laughs) Right, I will leave her now. While I am here, I suppose I could have a little look around. Miriam (Dr Chang) – Just a little. Geoff – I have Mutts here (Geoff’s dog). Miriam (Dr Chang) – As always. Geoff – At the moment, for this trip, we are restricted to this area, and what I feel most about it, is the harmony, now I am only allowed to feel a little, a very, very little of this harmony, but what I feel is so beautiful. Miriam (Dr Chang) – Yes, I know, you don’t want to go back. Geoff – Hmm, and I mean harmony in the true sense of the word. And I can just come up here, this is great. One more thing on my right is a church and there are people in there, monks who have acknowledged my presence, they know that I am there, and they give love and wave, and I move on and go back to the outskirts looking in, and I must now return back to the next lesson. Miriam (Dr Chang) – Very reluctantly I know, but I think it is a very good time to end this session. I think that the experiences that you have had tonight are more than enough for one evening. And I know your father is still wondering when it is going to be his turn, and I can only say that I wish he could see what he does in astral, for then he wouldn’t have to worry at all. But he will one day, but we do draw on him quite a lot. I thank you for being such a good pupil, and I bid you goodnight, and I bless you all. Geoff – Thank you, bless you.  

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