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In this meditation I am Astral projecting to a past dimension. A Guide called Running Water is channeling through Miriam – 1992 Geoff:     Now, I’m below the water, very very deep – one of the deepest parts of the ocean – and what is in front of me is a man-made structure – buildings from hundreds of thousands or even millions of years ago.  It’s a buried civilisation.  The Earth turned on its axis, several millions years ago; the earth must have tilted on its access again or whatever, and this particular land mass where the buildings are, slid below the sea, and continued to slide down an angle till it reached the bottom, which was so deep, probably five or six thousand feet.   Now, I have some knowledge of this that I’ve learnt but I’m trying not to let those thoughts interrupt…   Now I can sense the depth, and I can sense the cold in the water, and the building is in front of me.  Now, the building, first of all, is made of a sort of brick dried – extremely dry like baked clay – but something else made it resist dissolving in the water.   Crystal. Crystal dust.  In front of me is latticework.  It is like a very ornate wall around a garden.  Now, this is just on the tip, on the Atlantic side of South America, right at the top. Miriam (Running Water)     It is.  You have it correctly. Geoff:     There was a chain of islands.  The end one – I can’t get the name of it … We did this in meditation a few weeks ago.  There was a storm coming in.  St Juan is the capital.  Anyway, there was a group of islands, which ended at that one.   That’s where it ends now but those islands used to extend way out, a third of the way across the Atlantic.  And there were some big land masses there.  And the whole of that section went down.   The big land mass and all the surrounding islands.  I can see the tilt of the earth, which is quite amazing.  It looks like the whole of America, north and south was…  If I put my hand flat on America and tilted my wrist to the left, so the left-hand side went down the right came up, that was how the earth moved.   And this bit broke off and it slid down to the right, to the bottom of this very deep water.   Wow!   Now, as the earth corrected itself again, corrected the balance…   The Americas didn’t sort of turn back again; the whole earth changed to fit in with this change.   So the city I’m looking at, at the bottom of the ocean, is at an angle.  When it landed there, it landed more or less flat.  But it ended up as an angle.  That’s not really important; that’s just what I’m seeing now.   So let me just get down there again and see what else there is.  Now, I’m coming across a big chunk of crystal.   Crystal which was polished to specific shapes so that it looked like…  I mean, they’re as big as dinner plates but they are polished as you would polish a diamond, with different facets, all centering energy on different things.  All receiving and holding energy – for projecting energy – there are a variety of different colors.  Now, this is as it is at the moment.   This place is Atlantis, isn’t it? Miriam (Running Water)     It is.  Only one small part of Atlantis. Geoff:     Yes.  There is so much. Miriam (Running Water)     It’s a very special part. Geoff:     There’s so much value in these crystals – not monetary value but memories, lots and lots of memories.  You could, if you recovered these stones, be able to see the life of Atlantis beginning to end.  It’s a library put onto crystal.   A very advanced science.  I’ve been to Atlantis a few times before and I know it was run by a group…   In fact, I lived on Atlantis in one life. Miriam (Running Water)     Yes, you did! Geoff:     I’m just remembering it now. Miriam (Running Water)     Can you perhaps find out more about this particular area? Geoff:     They were mostly wise men who ruled Atlantis and they were the ones who put everything onto crystal.  They had unbelievable powers.  But crystals enhanced their powers and speeded up their progress, their spiritual progress, which was all part of their karma.  It went through many, many generations.  It speeded up the process as a lesson, which eventually got out of control.   I’ll just go back, down to this particular area.  I put my hands on two of the crystals and I get in amongst these crystals, and it is rearranging the area so that I can see into the past.     This particular room has walls which look like dried clay in texture but they glow.  They have light moving through them.  They are very solid but the light moves through them – a goldish light.   And what can appear on these walls are the faces of those old Atlantians who have passed over.  What used to happen was, when they developed their stuff, the higher elders or councilors, when they died, would pass over but they could communicate through this…  Well, in this particular room that I’m in, they could communicate with the new councilors.  Now, this was all part of one enormous exercise.  When one of the council members died, he didn’t actually cross over to the other side and go back upstairs; he went to a semi-level where he could continue working with the Atlantians for many, many centuries.  And, as we would choose a lesson on earth which would last about eighty years, they went into a lesson which lasted many, many thousands of years. Miriam (Running Water)     Yes.  You have picked up on that very well. Geoff:     Wow, it’s unbelievable.   And, of course, time doesn’t mean anything. Miriam (Running Water)     It doesn’t. Geoff:     And the experiment was to see how they could develop; it was just a different way of developing the nation. Miriam (Running Water)     Yes. Geoff:     But, as with everything, if you go too fast, without the correct amount of wisdom, it can get out of hand – which is actually what happened.  But they learnt an awful lot from it.   And that was why the earth moved and buried Atlantis.  It was the only conclusion for it as that stage was reached.  Let me just see if I can get a time, a date, on Atlantis. Miriam (Running Water)     No, you must not. Not yet, anyway.  It is not allowed. Okay.   But you have done very well to see that far. Geoff:    Okay, what else can I see in this…? No, it’s closing up again.  There’s no more they want me to see there at the moment. Miriam (Running Water)     But they will be back again. Geoff:     Now, I’ve come up to the surface again.    That experience was like going into meditation and then meditating again to see a different life.  It was quite something.  It also reminded me of when I lived on Atlantis because I was…   There was the High Council and then the average run-of-the-mill people.   There were two sections – the sort of rich and the poor. Miriam (Running Water)     Yes.  Absolutely. Geoff:     And I was with the poor at that stage.   And I was with the poor when Atlantis went under! Miriam (Running Water)     Yes, you were, but you were not the ordinary run-of-the-mill sort. You did help with the higher one.  And that you will discover another time. Geoff:     Right.  Okay, what is next?  Now, this one… This is what I was saying about faith.  This is what I was saying earlier on about faith, you only need the tiniest bit and then it just grows and grows.  Now, in this sort of meditation, while I meditate here, I don’t hesitate when I see unbelievable things right from the beginning.   Which turns out to be actually what I am seeing.  And that is quite something… Miriam (Running Water)     Your mind may be cluttered here with material things but there is a great deal of power that comes through your Father (Luke) that enables you to see more.   And this gives you that faith. Geoff:     Yes. Miriam (Running Water)     You will get it more at home, later, but not just yet. Geoff:     Right.  It will be given to both of you. (My wife – Verna) Miriam (Running Water)     Good.

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