Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening



This was an amazing meditation (1992). It was given to me by a Guide called Luke and it is well worth listening to the Audio. Geoff: This is about thought – that can be sent through various forms. This is another one of them where the message is put into the water, and sent in a certain direction. Like if we wanted to send it to Australia, we send it down that way somewhere. All along the way going outwards from the coast through a different … It’s not exactly spirit, it’s sort of automatic. It’s not computers but it’s manmade – it’s spiritually made – but it’s just an automatic direction. As the message goes over there somebody will pick it up, let’s say, I don’t know, say 50 or 100 miles out and they’ll see whether it’s for Australia or New Zealand and sort of switch it in the right direction. It’s like a computer but it’s comprised of spiritually made energy. Verna: It makes sense because water….I mean if you’re sitting in water, and somebody puts something electrical in it, you get electrocuted. It carries things. Geoff: Yes, so this just gets re-directed. Now, with all the messages that are going around, we know that every thought form is redirected at different people. And it would need a phenomenal amount of spirit to redirect all these messages. And as much as we think it is them, they actually create different mechanical things made of energy, to act as a computer would – to redirect thought forms. In a way it’s the same as a telephone line. You can have hundreds of telephone calls going along one satellite beam, up to satellite and back to your telephone. Spirit, of course, are developed an awful lot further than this, so there is a lot more that they can do. When you create something with energy it’s simply a matter of putting in all the formulas. Now it you take a computer that’s got various bits and pieces – it’s got mother board, a hard drive, a processor and so on. Because you can think of things in spirit, you can also create things like this. So you create it but it doesn’t have to materialise. You can create it in an energy form, so they, for instance could create a computer simply by thinking about it- as long as they understand how it functions. Where they don’t understand, they create the functions themselves, so all it takes is somebody to be very basic – let’s say you take a simple chip out of a computer- which you know what it does, and you think of it a million times faster, and therefore you create a computerised whatever, a million times faster. Now, to help with the process of understanding – well, communication rather throughout the universe and various other universes, there are all sorts of different forms of communication. Of course these don’t break down because they are created. When something is created in thought form, if it’s not used for a while it will gradually disappear, but as long as it is used it will continue to function. Now, as a thought, supposing somebody had a better idea to speed up this function. All they would have to do is think of the idea, as long as it was working perfectly, they could think to themselves, replace all the old whatever’s with the new ones, and automatically it’s done – it’s created. Not quite that simple but you get the idea. When the thought reaches the other side, that’s where you get spirit evaluating the message that comes across. If it’s simply a matter of – we use specific a type of energy for a specific type of job, let’s say absent healing – if we know what it is we’re giving then they will just let it go through and direct it to that person, whereas if it needs translating, or adapting or somebody finding, they will do that sort of thing. Now again, let’s just look at development. They are far superior in their brain power, intellect, knowledge, experience, etc. so where you get one person….let’s try and give an example of incoming messages from Durban. You could have one person redirecting a thousand messages a minute. There’s nothing to stop them doing that because they have the intellect to do it. It’s simply a matter of multiplying. Now where you get your higher self looking after ten, fifteen, twenty little Verna’s (My wife) down here, all running around, that higher self which is a single spirit can control all those different inputs so it makes sense. If you’ve got a pretty mundane job of passing on messages to the right groups or whatever, then you can handle a lot more input and output than the normal person would. Now, when things get extremely busy – let’s say there is a massive explosion in the middle of Durban – we’ve got several hundred people who automatically send out messages to different people. The loved ones that they are not with or whatever. There are all the people who live around Durban that hear the bomb going off, or whatever it is -and they all think different thoughts. So suddenly it’s a whole mass of activity all going out from one particular area. To send them all out through one person is a very difficult task, and that’s why you have these communication lines and water is just one of them- so the whole lot goes out and is – it goes out and becomes little messages – what’s the word I need – dissipated- this huge outgoing amount of messages go outwards from Durban, to other people who handle them in different countries or wherever they’re supposed to be. Okay, there are lots of different spirits handling lots of different jobs. You get one particular type of spirit which looks after communication with spiritual people, like now when we are in meditation. Being in meditation they can see this light and they will come to see what we want, and they will redirect other people to us whether it is visitors, or specific teachers, or whatever it is so you have- like a central post office above Durban, which is spirit, so whenever we go into meditation they pick it up and they will then call the right people – send thought forms to the right people in the quickest possible way. All these thought forms go at different speeds, but it’s not important because they do not need to be dealt with right now- whereas something urgent has to be. As it goes up the various levels from this sort of post office above Durban – as it goes into different compartments if you like, I can see when it reaches the end, although thousands and thousands of messages leaving Durban, there’s so many thousands of different departments, and so only a few messages coming through each one- so they can be dealt with quickly. And that’s how the communications works, and works both ways going out, and with responses coming back in again. All we’re looking at is the overall management of earth and not your day to day spirits of people who have died. It’s a bit like you have several servants on earth to do specific jobs around the country. They do with spirits the same thing but a lot more interesting, he says. Now, there are various dimensions as we see, or as we know there is, like a radio wave in this room, it is always there. It’s in the same dimension as us but it’s something we don’t see. Now, I’m seeing at the moment hundreds of planets all linked by different- communications, networks, cables, strips of light, energy, all sorts of things, and of course it can get enormously cluttered. But they have – spirit have various levels of….now, how to explain that? …..side by side dimensions. So, in one picture, I’m seeing all these different planets with just spirit talking to each other. In the dimension directly next to it, which is the same time, we see all the electrical cables only, as an example. In the next one we see all the energy cables only, in the next one we see all the whatever… So, whatever they create, there are all these different forms of communications, and are all stored in dimensions side by side. Now, because it is created with the mind it becomes an energy, but energy isn’t all that we can see. You can – as we raise our vibrations to talk to spirit, spirit can change his vibrations to see into a different dimension. So, if you were the local electrician, you would look into the dimension – the side by side dimension of the electrical cable to be able to see it. Once you have finished with it you move out of that dimension, it would disappear, and you would be unable to see it. Where you get a healer of children all he would have in his dimension is the children, and the healing process. He would take energies to heal children from a different dimension, and when he is off duty, if you like, he would move out of that dimension into the normal one where there is just spirit “non working” if you like. So all these different dimensions spirit can look at when they need to look at, so their life is not cluttered at all. Now, supposing you go across the other side and you want to create, like I would create a lake with a fishing boat, and so on and so on, I would create that with my mind and I will go there when I needed to. You might create a sanctuary on the top of a mountain. Now, they are both created in a different dimension, these are like sub-dimensions. So if I want you to come and visit me, you would cross over to my dimension- although it is in the same place, so that is why travel is so quick. It’s not a matter of going from here to Australia to visit somebody over there. Australia is in the same dimension as Durban, but just a dimension on the side of it. The same as we have one for Westville, for Johannesburg, for New York or anywhere. They’re all exactly here. Does that make sense? Good. Now let’s take this a step further. If all these dimensions that are created are all side by side, dimensions from other planets of the universes can also be here, so what we could have is the whole of the universe, and all dimensions which are non physical situated just in this – where we are now – exactly where we are now, and no dimension would be further than the eye can see. If I was in a dimension now, and I looked at the horizon and there was a boat on the horizon, I wouldn’t have to travel to that boat on the horizon. I would go into the dimension next to it, to be there, which is actually here. So all energy like the thought forms can be in one specific place. If you then reduce that to the size of a tennis ball you could have the whole universe in thought form in an area the size of a tennis ball. Now, that is for non-physical things- so why do we have planets and why do we have universes. This universe stretches billions of light years away. We could not get to the other side in a lifetime physically. But you now know how it is done spiritually, or with energy, so why are worlds created and universes created with these vast distances in-between.? Basically they are training grounds. They are places where you can come and become physical and, therefore, you are limited to the physical area around you. You are limited to what you can do whereas spiritually you are not limited. But you can cross over to any dimension- so that’s why you have different planets, different atmospheres, different life forms and different patterns of birth, development and so on and so on. They are simply training grounds. A place where a spirit can be isolated, put into a physical body, and have free will to develop with the limitations that he has. Now you know only life on earth at the moment but imagine other planets where, although the life form is different but also the culture is totally different, the learning is totally different, the group minds, the involvement with life, involvement with the ecology. There are so many thousands of variations. I have a spirit here called Luke, and Luke is standing some distance away. He is the one that has been feeding me this information. As these Worlds develop, and as the people develop on the world, obviously spirit needs to give these people guidance. On earth we have a race of humans, a thousand different nationalities, different races, different cultures, creeds and so on but they need guidance to develop, because it’s so easy for them to get out of hand. Taking guidance from spiritual life is not quite the same because ….sorry got distracted. (Luke starts to channel here) Okay, so the people living on earth as an example, you’ve got all these different countries, tribes, nationalities, levels of poverty, finance, development – all sorts of different things, and these people are all having a lesson – all having thousands of different lessons, not just as individuals, but also as groups. If you take an individual lesson – let’s take the war in Yugoslavia – there are a few hundred thousand people affected by this war – they all see the results of each specific action. The same as in South Africa – all South Africans will see the results of the election so the election will influence thousands of minds. It could be a good or a bad election, and it will influence the minds both ways but in both cases it was a lesson. Now, spirit wants you to learn and develop obviously the right way. That means seeing both sides of the coin, both good and bad, but if it were to go far too much to the bad side, and continue to be bad, they would then bring down someone who could teach and educate and change the way of thinking of people. By example, that’s why you get people like Hitler and Kennedy in high positions, who come down for specific reasons. They don’t always get it right, as we know, but it is for a specific reason. There are various types of people – let’s call them managers. So, over a country, South Africa, you would have one major manager, he would have several smaller managers in different provinces, who would have managers in cities, and so on and so on – each specialising in different things. Now, they will get a spirit to come down, be born, with the idea of teaching a specific thing, at a specific time because they can look ahead and see how things are going to change. They could see the election coming up in this decade, so they would have somebody in place to do this, this, this and this. Walk-ins, as you know are when something has to be done in a hurry. They would bring in a walk-in to save going through the birth process, but it is part of the law that spirit cannot interfere with physical life. You have free will on earth and they cannot interfere. They can answer requests, they can do things on request but they cannot interfere. They cannot push their – they cannot use their powers – no, still not quite right. They cannot just take control and sort it all out. It’s got to be done through human development. So, there are various levels of teachers on this earth to guide people in their free will. Now, you’ve been wondering what your position is, or both of your positions, on this earth. You know you’ve got something great to do in the future. You’ve both felt it but you don’t yet know what it is. All I can tell you now is that it is teaching. You’ve been learning so much. You’ve learnt different – a few of the basics if you like, and as you progress you will be used more and more for this teaching in various ways. I’m hesitating because I’m not allowed to tell you too much but you will be teaching, and you are basically one of the….a guide, if you like, to the peoples of this country. No, this is not just South Africa – this is just at the moment so that is your….your future, and as much as we can tell you at the moment. It’s not time yet for you to meet other guides who are presently in Africa. At a later stage you will meet them, and for a long time you will work with them without realising that they are the same as you. Guides also come in various forms and not all are spiritual – not all realise they are spiritual when they are here on earth. They are here to do a specific job, and they are simply used, they develop and they’re used by spirit so they are in place. I will leave you with that. There is little more I can say at the moment though I think it clears up a lot of your thoughts. It has been most enjoyable talking to you, and I leave you with God’s blessings and a lot of love and I hope to speak to you again soon. Verna: Thank you. So do we. Geoff (Luke) Thank you Geoff: Now, that was a most strange channeling. At the end of it I was as awake as much as I am now, like a very light meditation, and he was talking just normally as we would. Verna: It just means that the vibrations ended up in a very balanced way, yours and his. Geoff: Yes, and he was very casual, just chatting on. I saw him as literally as a higher spook (Spirit) though he was a long distance away and he was totally gold. I saw him right at the end. I was being given all this in the beginning, and I only saw him right at the end when he wanted to tell us about what we will be doing. changing and it’s sort of fading out, but it’s such a more beautiful ending than what we normally get. That was brilliant.

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