Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening


Geoff – Now I am in India, there is a railway line, and a train has just passed through, and in this area the ground beneath the railway line is alive, it is going the either be an earthquake or a sinkhole or something. I can sense the ground beneath these railway lines, I can sense the energy that is in there, and it is about to erupt or happen, I don’t know what it is going to do. It seems to be getting more active, I will go down inside now and check. I have seen what will happen if we do allow this to erupt, again we are going to use this group of spirits and their energies to control this particular area. Now it is very black, this area, it is not an evil force, it is a force of nature that has built up and got out of control, that is why it looks black it is so strong and solid. And what we are going to do is to use energy to move the force of this sideways instead of upwards, like putting a lid on it, the explosion goes sideways and not upwards. And again there is this tremendous group of spirits around me and we are all forcing the energy down into the ground, and any minute now it is going to reach its peak, and what will happen is it will explode sideways and it will be absorbed by the ground around it and the shock wave will be felt for a long way, but it will not disrupt this railway line, particularly now with hundreds of passengers. And it is happening now, I can see the shock waves going out and the tremendous energy, the shock wave hit the train and moved it, and there are people hanging on the outside of this train and the roof and everywhere. And it is slowing. Miriam (Dr Chang) – Typical Indian train. Geoff – Yes, and as it slows to a halt the ground where this explosion took place, opens slowly, the main force has been absorbed by the surrounding rock, it opens slowly and becomes a wide cavern which surely would have derailed the train, but once the shock wave was felt by the train, it slowed and stopped, and many hundreds of lives were saved. Miriam (Dr Chang) – Did I not say that you would use the energy in different ways? And there are many more to come in the future. Geoff – This group obviously could have done this without me, why they are doing this with me, is to simply teach me. Miriam (Dr Chang) – Yes, and sometimes you will call upon them to help you do something of much more value and much more power. Geoff – I can actually see the train sinking into the ground as well, where it stands because of the disturbance underneath. But it is sinking slowly and people are getting off the train so that there is no loss of life. Miriam (Dr Chang) – And isn’t that a wonderful feeling, to think that you have achieved that by helping. Geoff – Yes, quite something. Miriam (Dr Chang) – There are many forms of rescue.

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