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On this tape (1993) we were discussing heads of state and their responsibilities, and the Ayatollah Khomeini is just about to come through and talk through me about the hardships that he had experienced.

Geoff: The person who is here is the Ayatollah Khomeini, who died a few years ago. I think his interest was what Jacob was saying just now about your question, about the rule of a country.

Miriam: It certainly does make you think when it is explained like that. It is a lesson to those of us who are comfortable.

Geoff: The Ayatollah was a very highly developed spirit. The religion does not matter. Somebody who is very highly developed can be reincarnated on earth, to study even a false religion, for that’s all part of experience. (Ayatollah takes over here)  For as each person develops, they can develop to a certain degree which you at your level of development now on earth understand.  Let me explain that a bit easier. You can accept knowledge as far as you have experienced, and you are being taught at that particular level at this particular stage. There are those that have developed far more – more highly developed spirits who will be reincarnated for specific tasks in the future, and it is important for these people to experience what can happen when they hold the attention- or become the religious leader of millions of people.

Geoff (Ayatollah) Inside, when you lead a country, you have your beliefs which are the beliefs of the people – of the people in general. Inside, you also have knowledge from your past lives. But if I were born Muslim, and brought up as a Muslim and elevated to a position where I run a country, and at this stage I am then shown through my past lives and past memories, what is right and what is wrong- and then there is tremendous conflict inside, for I can see that the people, their beliefs, cannot be changed. It cannot be changed in one generation – or in one lifetime. You cannot go to 50 million Muslims and say their religion is wrong, and this is the way it should be. – It cannot be done and therefore you have inside you a torn emotion that you must now continue to teach the religion which they want to hear.

They are all moving along a path of development, and they may be Muslim in this life and Buddhist in the next- for they must also experience the various types of religions. My experience in leading a country gave me major decisions, emotions inside which you cannot at this stage hope to feel or imagine. You can imagine to a degree, but to have in front of you 50 million souls that you control, that worship you as they would worship a God, dedicated followers who believe only in that religion and ultimately believe in you. For, should I make one law that is wrong, that law is accepted by 50 million people, and therefore 50 million mistakes are made which is my responsibility.

The laws I discuss are religious laws. What can or cannot be done through religion and how our religion changes with the times. The religion has been handed down through many, many centuries, but the religion must change so that the religion can catch up with the modern day method of thinking.

If we are to progress in this world then new laws must be made, and the religion must be altered to suit that. The decision therefore rests upon one person, me, to make that decision, and even the advisors that I have still look to me to make the final decision. It is my responsibility and that weight is great, it is awesome, it is so heavy upon the shoulders. One decision wrong is then multiplied 50 million times and it is my responsibility.

The lesson I learnt was very strong, and very powerful, but so very, very, very, valuable- for should I be in a similar position in a future life, which I know I shall, should I be in the right position where I can mould and direct those people, then I will do so- to the best of my ability because there is no one, there are, but there are so few of us that have had this experience, and those few can help future generations. There are others, my teachers, those who have guided me in the past over many, many lives to reach this point, and this was only one – this was the last life, the highest lesson than any of the lessons before- and I know there are higher lessons to come but I know what I can do. I have experienced a higher plane – I’ve experienced a plane few have done, and this will obviously benefit future civilisations.

To answer your question – the previous question more fully. I was in the situation where I had these people to teach who believed in me, and who believed in that religion. There is nothing wrong with that religion, but there are others in a similar situation that have a religion which is totally wrong. They have a religion which is not spiritual, and they know they’re in that situation- to convert all their people is impossible. It cannot be done, but you can put in one little piece. As I said just now converting 50 million people through making one mistake, the opposite can happen. I can put in just one spiritual aspect – one tiny spark, which will be multiplied 50 million times, and that is a beginning and others will do the same. To be in control of so many millions of a religion which is wrong, or a way of thinking which is wrong, but you have to live with it is an experience which is so heavy on the mind, the emotion. It is almost the ultimate experience. I think you understand what I am trying to say.

Miriam: I do, very much so, and I welcome you because it has given a new insight to what you must have been suffering, and that we must look behind facial values.

Geoff (Ayatollah) Yes, very much so. I have enjoyed this time with you…..and one thing I would like to tell you which may be a small lesson for you. To come back to the earthly vibrations to experience, to remember what I went through, all helps me to reconfirm the lesson that I went through. To remember on an earthly vibration- because the feelings that we have on the other side – on the spiritual side – start to change, because as you feel a tremendous difference between what you experience in meditation and what you experience in day to day life – it is the same with us – what we experience on earth is different from what we experience spiritually, and to come down to experience – to re-feel the earth vibrations – is like a reminder, a refresher course you could call it, which we all need from time to time, and to make the experience of the lifetime that we went through more firm on one’s mind. To reconfirm, I think, is a good word.

Miriam: Then I’m glad that we were here and they were too to listen to what you had to say.

Geoff (Ayatollah) It has been my pleasure and love to you all in this circle.

Miriam: And God Bless you.

Geoff (Ayatollah) Your work in the future has a circle and the individuals here is very important, and you are very well guided. I leave you with that and my thanks.

Miriam: Before you go, may I ask if any of this can be heard by other people. I’m thinking of those that are really interested in what is going on in the world.

Geoff (Ayatollah) One minute – I’m talking to your teachers. The majority of those that you would play this recording to – even though well developed spiritually, would not fully accept the fact of who was speaking. Even now when you hear stories of well known people talking, you do stop and consider. It is only that which you have experienced yourself that you can you truly believe. It is not, therefore, a good policy for you to tell others what wonderful experiences you had if they seem, or can be too farfetched… or can seem to be too farfetched, because this creates a tremendous jealously amongst those who are developing. There is a certain stage in development where you want to tell everyone what beautiful things you experience but, unfortunately, at this stage some are exaggerated, and a lot are disbelieved because the people listening to them have not yet achieved such a level that they can believe. Therefore, I leave it to your discretion. You may tell those whom you know will accept, who you believe have reached such a level that they can accept and believe what is said. The content of what I have said you are welcome to tell as many as possible, for this is good development for all. To use my name is the only aspect of this which they will find hard to believe, which could take away the experience, the understanding of what they will gain by listening to the balance of the recording.

Miriam: I understand and thank you for that.

Geoff (Ayatollah) My love to you all.

Miriam: God bless you.

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