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BABIES PASSING OVER    By SpiritualDictionary.com

We have just finished a meditation about still-born babies and embryos, and a guide called Celeste channels through Miriam to the group, and tells us a bit about the babies. Miriam (Celeste): That was a beautiful meditation. And I would like to tell you a little about the babies that were there. These babies I think you have been told, are either stillborn, premature or full term but that do not draw any life on earth. These are very special spirits. It is not for us to ask why God wants these souls but we do know that they have a very high and difficult task to accomplish, and they are well advanced over any of us. They are brought to us in these Temples and surrounded with a golden light before being taken to their next stage of development. It is something that we look forward to very much, and I only wish that you could all see this happening which you will do one day. The children at this stage already know that they have been chosen for something special, for it has taken many, many lifetimes and devotion to reach this stage. They come not just from your planet, but from other planets in the universe, and even from the universes that you cannot see. It is not something that happens very often in this particular part, but tonight we thought we should show you, and see how much you could see in your meditation and how much you could pick up. It’s also something that was connected so that you were all right in one sense, but not all saw the whole picture. I hope you can understand that. The majority of those who were in the congregation have a much higher vibration than us, and it is their duty to take these babies directly to their next home. I hope you will have heard – all heard the choir singing for the voices are so sweet and way beyond the range of normal hearing, but you are well developed now, Verna, and you were able to feel something. Verna: Did you say that the babies that were there were all old in spirit – old spirits? Miriam (Celeste): Very old spirits and the last initiation, if you can put it that way, for these Spirits, is to come but not to be contaminated by any atmosphere of whichever planet it has been taken from. Verna: Is it my imagination because I can see these babies- but they all look like – excuse me, as dead. Miriam (Celeste): They are asleep. They have been – they have the knowledge and they know what is happening- like someone who is in a coma. Verna: Yes, they’re deeper than sleep. Miriam (Celeste): That’s it – much deeper – more like a coma. Verna: I couldn’t understand why I was seeing them as dead. Miriam (Celeste): You’re quite right. It’s just the way they have been brought from the earthly atmosphere or wherever – whichever planet. Verna: Yes, because some of them are embryos. Miriam (Celeste): Yes, I did say that – I think I said premature or stillborn. Verna: Yes, now I can see it. That is something we have never come across before, an Embryo passing over but a spirit in embryo….. Miriam (Celeste): A spirit, not always a spirit enters the embryo at time of conception, but the majority of times it does therefore it is still spirit no matter what time it leaves the body. Verna: So, if I pass over – when I go to the other side I look like me now. When an embryo passes over …. Miriam (Celeste): It looks like the embryo. Verna: And that is why they now…..then how do they grow in spirit? Miriam (Celeste): They do not need to grow anymore, which is why they are surrounded by this form of light. I hope you can see that. Verna: It’s like a cocoon Miriam (Celeste): They do not have to grow anymore. The souls that are within are ready now. Verna: What of those miscarriages that aren’t on their last cycle, and they go over – they pass over. Like my – oh, wait a minute my child was a miscarriage. Miriam (Celeste): That is right- and it grew. Verna: Yes. Oh, and my stupidity – now I know. Miriam (Celeste): Your child was not yet ready to go so far. Verna: Yes. So they actually continue the growth of the body in the embryo when they pass over and then…. Miriam (Celeste): Not always. Verna: No? Miriam (Celeste): It all depends upon what life they have had before, and what they have to come. Sometimes because you know you have the children with you of all ages. Sometimes they have to go through the stage of growing up, and therefore they grow – not very quickly, but they grow from a baby, like the embryo that is still in the womb, but from a baby so that the other children can see them growing, and sometimes that is not necessary and they’ve become as an adult in their chosen life. Verna: And then are they shown there would be family life on earth, because both my children knew me Miriam (Celeste): They would be just like you are on earth, they have their families, and I think you have been told this before. In this form – that is not quite the right way to say it, but we live here the same way as you live on earth. We have our family life, we have schools, we have practically everything the same depending on the need for development. Verna: Thank you, that was very interesting. Miriam (Celeste): I hope it has given you just a little bit more insight of the beauties and the glory that is to come, but it will be many years before your children and yourself are ready to reach that stage; for you have some wonderful times ahead of you. I should go now because I am accompanying these children for a little part of the way, and then it is just as you asked if there was anyone there, that I decided that I would tell you a little of what you were seeing?  But you have each seen actually what is here, although you only saw one little part of this beautiful place. Verna: How lovely, thank you. Miriam (Celeste): God bless you all. Verna: Thank you.

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