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In this meditation Verna is doing the astral healing with the group and there is a guide channeling through Miriam. Verna: And they’ve only brought us one more patient tonight and then we will have some meditation. It’s somebody with very, very curly hair. She looks like Annie – you know that little girl, Annie – but she’s a little bit older than that – teenager. She’s got curly hair just like Annie. Why are they showing me her hair? Something to do with her scalp. It’s a wig. Guide: Yes. It’s a wig. She’s very proud of that wig too. Verna: She doesn’t have a hair on her head. She’s had – she’s been in contact with some chemical Guide: Yes Verna: ….that has reacted. It’s not a cancer treatment Guide: I’m glad you didn’t jump to the conclusion that it was cancer. Verna: I did at first and I was told, “no, no, no.” It’s a chemical in the atmosphere and I guess that it’s similar to radiation just to explain to us. She does not have any hair on her body and her pores are too open in her skin. Guide: And what would you suggest? Verna: This time they just want us to work on her head because she’s very proud of this wig, and she is battling to wear it. Because her pores are so wide open she gets a lot of sores, because she can’t clean. I mean, your pores don’t close and you have little holes – you have hair all over your body to keep them open. Guide: Yes Verna: ……to keep the dirt out and this cannot happen for her. So I see that she has all these like porous holes in her head, and lots of sores, mostly because she refuses not to wear the wig, and all they want us to work on tonight is her head. To give her spiritual upliftment, and to cope with what she’s going through. It’s part of her karma and they have condescended to help her to be socially uplifted by using the ego and allowing her to wear her wig. So if we could take her scalp and put like a plastic hat over her head tight, tight, tight and the color…? They’re giving me like a skin color. Guide: Yes – that is quite right. Verna: Okay. And just by using this color it will help to keep this part clean. What we must do is imagine the sores above the color that we’ve put on. Guide: That is it. That is very good. I knew you’d get it if you persevered that is excellent. Verna: And, they’re taking her away. Guide: Such a lovely child. Verna: She’s lovely, yes. She’s about 13 or 14. She has some hard times ahead of her she has. Guide: But she will cope.



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