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BALL OF ENERGY, MISTY FLOWER By The Spiritual Dictionary

Geoff – Now I see something similar, which is like a group of energy that I am seeing, but if you could imagine very thick smoke going up to the ceiling and moving outwards along the ceiling, like rolling across the ceiling, it looks like this, but it is one piece, it doesn’t get bigger or larger, but it is a form of energy, it looks heavy, but actually floats. It looks like light mercury in a way, and I am picking it up now, playing with it, and I can’t see what sort of energy it is, it keeps wanting to float upwards. It is just there and I am playing with it, it is very friendly and loveable and it is giving off very nice vibrations, and it is not the sort of thing that a child would play with, sort of like an adult toy. Miriam (Ishmael) – Yes, something that you would have to relax you, that you can visualise and have for a while when you are under stress, and can’t move away from the chores that you are doing, but you can shut your eyes and think of this. Instead of the gimmicks that some people have on their desks, then you can do this. Geoff – It is gorgeous, a great idea Miriam (Ishmael) – Isn’t it lovely? Geoff – Yes, you can do all sorts of things with it, and all the time it just tries to float slowly upwards, it moves around as mercury does, wobbles and all sorts, very nice indeed. So I let it go now and it hovers around, but it goes just so far and then you can get it back at any stage, anyway that is nice. Now where I am playing with this thing in a park, and it obviously a spiritual park, the flower is on my left and there is now some very nice gardens around me and some hedges which are trimmed very neatly, a stone pathway, a tree with a circular seat all the way around it, and there is a woman sitting on the seat, who I have gone to sit next to, and in front of us is a field where there are a lot of kids playing and it is just a very, very nice atmosphere, very comfortable. I am sitting next to a woman who I am going to communicate with, now she is looking after the children, and she seems to be something which she is not, confusing, she is a lesson, she seems to be two faced, two extremes, now in spirit, I am wondering why she is in spirit, she obviously works there or something, but there are two sides to her. I cannot see so I will get inside of her and see if I can feel her feelings, and see if I can get it that way. She is a novice, she has been in the gray lands for a long time and she is now learning to help others, she is totally dedicated to helping others but carries with her, her mark that she was in the gray lands, it is something that she wants to keep with her to show people that she was in the gray lands and still has some more penance to pay or whatever while she continues to help the children. It is her own creation, but she feels quite justified and comfortable, having this sort of part gray lands personality, like the back half of her is concrete, and the front half is beautiful and loving, she has created that herself. I have held her hand and said it is time to get rid of it, and she says no not yet time to get rid of it. Miriam (Ishmael) – No, she is quite happy with it, and everyone understands. Geoff – Okay I will leave her there by the tree, the children are playing on the right, having a great time, and I walk down the path in between the two, and on the left is a low hedge and beyond that is a pond, with sort of gold fish and lilies and so on and I am walking deeper into a nice area, away from the people, the path runs alongside a river with a little hedge this side and nice green fields on the other side, and I am going quicker and quicker into the woods. And when I come to the end, there are no people around at all but I know what will be here, and that is animals, insects, birds and nature and so on. I have sat down on the grass and I am surrounded by all sorts of beautiful things, the sky is blue, some nice white clouds, the temperature is perfect, the trees in front of me, some are dropping their leaves, like Autumn, but such a nice peaceful relaxing time, there are lots of animals here, and of course they are all totally tame, and it is a place you would love to get away to and just relax and be loved by all the animals. There are big animals and small ones, and the longer I sit here they more they come forward to be petted and just be there, squirrels, rabbits and furry things, it is just a lovely feeling to be able to be a part of not just the animals, but nature, the whole things is connected, not just the trees, the ground, the sun, the animals, the divas, energy, again this beautiful oneness. Miriam (Ishmael) – Yes, it is a beautiful feeling, and yet this oneness is different to what you have with the people. Geoff – I know that I am part of this oneness but at the same time I am separate. It is like a huge circle, and I can see me in one part surrounded by all the others. Just a lovely feeling. Miriam (Ishmael) – And you can just relax there any time you like Geoff – Yes, and play with the animals, it just feels so comfortable and contented, happy. It is a way of balancing your body when you need to, totally relaxing. Miriam (Ishmael) – And now I think this is a very good time to conclude this evening, it has not been so exciting perhaps, but it has been a relaxing evening, you have seen part of your other lives, and as there are only two more meditation nights before you go, then we shall have to make them extra special. Geoff – Good Miriam (Ishmael) – I know you have had some special ones this week Geoff – Yes I certainly have Miriam (Ishmael) – This was just to relax you for the end of your working week, so enjoy yourselves. Geoff – Thank you, that is excellent. There is just one question before you go. Miriam (Ishmael) – If I can answer, then I will Geoff – I know what I am experiencing in meditation is correct, what I am seeing is correct, I know that everything that has happened, has happened, but in meditation such as now, I can accept it one hundred percent and understand it, when it is tomorrow morning and I am back to my ordinary life on earth, I still know that this is one hundred percent what I have experienced, but it seems the worlds are two different worlds, I mean I know they are but it seems so far apart and it is very hard for me to bring the two together. Not believe, because I do know one hundred percent that it is true, but it just seems so different, I mean if I were awake and I could do some of the things that I do in meditation that would bring it closer together. Miriam (Ishmael) – If you had conscious travel, consciousness of your astral travel, then you would be much happier. Geoff – Yes, that would bring it closer, and what is the best way to get that to happen. Miriam (Ishmael) – I think the time is not quite right for you to do that. You are being shown what you are being shown because that is most important, the other is just really to gratify a whim as it were, but the other is important for you to learn, there is so much that you have to learn for your future, and the other will come, and already you can sense when Verna is with you,(in astral) and she the same I am sure when you see her she will say that she has known when you have been meditating, so do not be despondent that you have, I know it is just a niggling doubt. Geoff – It is not so much a doubt, it is just that I should be able to practice more in my life, with what I know, I should be able to practice more in my daily life, the two lives should be closer together, it is difficult to explain, but I am sure you understand. Miriam (Ishmael) – I do understand what you mean, but I think I would rather that you carried on the way that you are doing, when there is special need for a meditation, you always get the message, and you meditate then and we know how busy you are and that it is not always convenient, when you are away from here and working, for the hours are different, your traveling is different, but what I can say is carry on the way that you are doing, you have such upheavals in your material life, that it would not do for you to have more in astral life, until there is a more even balance. Geoff – Yes I can understand that, okay thank you. Miriam (Ishmael) – But I shall be back again before you leave for your home overseas, have a good night and enjoy your weekend. Geoff – I will, thank you and bless you. Miriam (White Feather) – Brother, my you ask a lot! Geoff – Less questions than I used to ask anyway. Miriam (White Feather) – Ah, then that is why I am here, I will not say that I will answer it, but I shall do my best, if it is allowed. Gladys is not coming tonight, she will be coming again before you leave. There is just Ishmael and myself for this evening, so if you have a question? Then ask. Geoff – No, no real question, that was the only one that I asked just now, you can understand what I feel, I experience some of these fantastic things in meditation, which of course I believe one hundred percent, but during the day they seem so far away, so distant, when I could, my life would change quite dramatically I think, if I experienced or could put into practice some of the things I learn during everyday life. If the two lives were closer together. Miriam (White Feather) – You and Verna are to work together, Verna is to help people in trouble by regression, and that is how she will be at her best, what she will be best at. You will be doing more clairvoyance perhaps to help her, but there are other things for you in the future, and therefore you cannot always get what you wish at the time that you wish. Just as your mother is not clairvoyant, and yet she is developed in a different way, she would love to be clairvoyant and that will come, but not yet, and you will have recollection after traveling in astral, but for now I would rather that you put your material life on a more even keel, and then the other will develop. But you do so much in astral, and I agree it is a pity that you do not see and recollect what you do, but at least you can see in these evening sessions. Geoff – Oh yes Miriam (White Feather) – You have experienced that, and it is really a lot more than people who can recollect what they have done and can write it down. You have it on tape and it is there, and it is true what you are given. Geoff – Oh yes, I have no doubt that it is true. Miriam (White Feather) – We do know what you would like to have happen, but you must get your material life on a more even keel, and it is very, very difficult in this time, because of the depression that is on and the troubles. When the time comes for you to do work, you will be so better off. Geoff – Good Miriam (White Feather) – And that is all I am going to answer for tonight, I shall just say have a good evening and weekend, and I shall be back again. And God be with you all. Geoff – Thank you and bless you Miriam (Iffy) – I know they said there wouldn’t be anybody else, but Iffy here, and I see you had a little bit of tape running, and I thought I would come and say hello, and this is the first time since you came back isn’t it? Geoff – Yes that is right Miriam (Iffy) – I was going to come earlier, but plans change and I had some extra work to do and I have come now. Just to say that have patience, and may I also call you brother, for I see that you have been promoted and are no longer one of the children. And that really should be a feather in your cap. Geoff – That is nice. Miriam (Iffy) – It is difficult and I agree we have all gone through the same thing, and we all now endure and have to put up with the same experiences, as you were told earlier in the week, when we have to do something and we are not quite sure and we need a little bit of proof, and should we and shouldn’t we, it is the same problem, but in a different way. But it comes, for you would not have accepted what you know now if you had been told about it a year ago, it comes, but I know you get impatient, as we all do. Geoff – I know that I have seen it and I have actually experienced it, I have no doubt at all, but it seems that the earthly life it totally separate as if it was on the sidelines and it is like I am living an astral life and working in an earthly life, which has no involvement in a way, it just seems totally separate, but eventually the two will get together. Miriam (Iffy) – It is separate for now, but the time will come, and I shall be off now and I will not contact you again until you are back overseas. I bid you goodnight and God be with you in all that you do. Geoff – Thank you and bless you.

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