Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening



Miriam (Teacher) – This lady has tried to get my name but she has not succeeded as yet, I am keeping that as a surprise. As you have been told the first thing to do in meditating is to learn to relax, for by learning to relax whenever you have a problem, you can withdraw to the center that you focus on for relaxing, it may be just for a few minutes, five minutes or whatever, but once you have mastered that technique you can do that at any time of the day. I am not saying that that should be your aim, but that it would be possible to do, so that if you had a problem that was say perhaps causing you to lose your temper, or your brain was running around in circles and you didn’t know what to do, then you could just withdraw to your little oasis and think for a while and relax. It may not solve your problem but at least you would not do anything hastily. Once you have decided that you are going to meditate on a regular basis, then I would stress what all who meditate are asked to do, and that is to make it at a particular time whenever you do it. It need not be every day for that would be very difficult for a beginner, but whether it is one day, five days, seven days, we think seven days is too much, even these who are learned more are saying, we think five days is enough. And it gives us two days to do something else, but to stress the fact that you should make it a certain time every day, one that is most convenient to you. We suggest first thing in the morning as the best time, others find tea-time, or last thing before going to bed, it matters not. But we are busy creatures here, and we like to know that if you are in earnest then we like to say well we like to go to so and so at such and such a time, for time that means nothing to us, it is us that have to adjust to your time. We don’t mind if we are teaching you, we enjoy it, but we must have a fair idea, I am not saying keep strictly to the minute, but within five to ten minutes and if you do it on a regular basis, and then find that one day you cannot do it on a particular day, then just send out your thoughts a little bit earlier, or as early as you can and we will pick up your thoughts, and we know that we can’t come and we can do something else. That is one thing, the next thing is that if you sit and meditate, please ask for protection, it will always be given to you once you are in touch with your guides or spirit or whatever, but until then if you sit and meditate, we would just ask you to ask for protection, and it will be given to you. It is just a precaution, it is very rare that anyone who is inexperienced has any trouble, it is the experienced ones that have the bother. There are many ways in which you can meditate, you can buy books to read about it, you can ask the people here and they will tell you different ways, each person has something different, it does not matter, the main thing is to quieten your mind, where you can find this oasis where you can concentrate on and go there when you are in trouble, that is the main purpose of meditating. Once you have achieved that and you wish to continue in the movement, as we like to call it, then the way is open to you, but it is not necessary to come into the movement to meditate. To meditate is to make your life much easier. There are many guides, many spirits who come here and some of them come just for laughter, they do not always come for teaching, and the children come and they love it, so if you would and we would hope that you will come back again, learn your meditating relax within yourself, and ask yourself when trouble looms ahead of you, is it really as big as I thought. Were the worries that I had yesterday, and thought they were insurmountable, I am getting a bit a bit tongue tied even for a teacher, were they so big, and you will find the majority of times they were not so big. I will leave you now to think a bit, and to know that this circle here and the people in it and what goes on in this room is beyond count for the good that it does and the love that comes from within it. The blessings that flow and the energies that we take and distribute where it is needed, that is at the times that it is not directed anywhere special, and you will be told about that sort of thing later on, if you are interested. But for now I say goodnight, God bless you all, and may the light of the Lord follow you wherever you go. Geoff – Thank you. Verna – I have got a little Granny standing over here and she is clapping her hands, and she is so happy. Miriam (White Feather) – Well, well, come one let’s have a little bit of a laugh, let’s do something about it, we can’t sit here all solemn, and the minds going round and saying I don’t think I like this meditating, it is going to be too hard. It need not be hard, it needs just be easy, you just relax, and say to yourself what kind of a person am I, what do I want to do, and if you are as silly as I am then what does it matter, we make people laugh, that’s what it is all about. Am I right or am I not? Geoff – You are quite right. Miriam (White Feather) – It is the most important thing in life as far as I am concerned, and many more, you go about your life and you laugh. You laugh at your downfalls and you pick yourself up and you start again and you say well what the heck, let us start again, I am getting quite used to all the English speaking, I have never spoken like this before until I came to this circle, but I am quite enjoying it. But we do like you to laugh and we don’t mind if you go about with a silly grin on your face and the first person you come to, sees you smiling, and think oh that is nice and they smile back, and before you know it that smile has spread. And if you come across someone who is down in the dumps, they have plenty on their minds and they look at you and they think what has she got to smile about, what has he got to smile about, they haven’t got my troubles. But then he or she thinks maybe they have and a little grin comes, and without their knowing it they are passing on another smile. So you see what a smile does, it does quite a lot, and there are so many things in life to laugh about and so many things to be thankful for, if you can get about, if you can see, you can hear, you can talk, then friends count your blessings, and I am going to count my blessings that there are no questions coming tonight, and I am going, cheerio, I am off. Geoff – That is one of my mother’s, or one of our favourite guides called White Feather. He is a Red Indian, and I always ask questions, so every now and gain he makes a quick departure so I can’t get a word in. (laughs) The first guide who spoke is an advanced spirit, he is a teacher, the main teacher of Miriam, White Feather is another of Miriam’s guides, and is a great character and believes in laughter. And White Feather will talk through Miriam, or Verna, or me, but normally through Miriam. But like when Verna and I were in Las Vegas, then he talked through Verna, although he is really Miriam’s guide he can talk through anybody. Miriam – But even when we were in South Africa, he would come and tell us what was going on over here.

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