Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening



In this meditation, Geoff, and others in the circle get to ask all sorts of questions, and a guide called Paul is channeling through Verna trying his best to answer
Verna (Paul) – I better start talking before this channel falls asleep! (Laughs) A few more big breaths and she would have been fast asleep, and out I would have gone, ignored, ignored! Well, we never thought we would make this journey tonight, we started falling asleep the first time we tried, but we have made it. I have come for a little chat, but I refuse to talk to the gentleman on my right (Geoff). You know there is the saying on earth ‘he puts the fear of God in me’, we use that up here too when we come and channel in the circles! (laughter) Geoff – Well are there any question you want to ask me? (laughter) Verna (Paul) – Yes! (laughter) lets give you some of your own medicine, now there’s a good idea! Well what is the best bait to use to catch Kob? Geoff – Ahh, that is easy, prawns. Verna (Paul) – But we eat prawns, well fishing is not a good idea. He knows them all. Well we often go fishing with you, it is more peaceful to go fishing with you than to meditate with you! You don’t have so many questions to ask! Luke – He’s like his mom. Verna (Paul) – Yes, like his mother. And you are full of questions, you just don’t let them out! We hear them, you must write them down, we listen to them during the day and we hope that you will ask them in the evening, and then you sit nice and quietly, and so write them down, and just talk to us like friends, and we will answer all your questions. It will be a change getting some from you instead of your son. It will be a big change, well I have really just come to visit and sit here, because I love this little circle. Geoff – What is your name? Verna (Paul) – The channel keeps wanting to say Peter, but my name is Paul, I don’t know where she gets Peter from. I am   shouting Paul, Paul, not Dr Paul, no he is doing the rounds with some teenagers, yes, like a floor show, he is actually doing some marvelous work, he is working with these teenagers and especially in astral, you know he can get through to them, the same type as him, the lost ones, they come up here and they have this, as he calls himself ‘ducktail joller’(South African slang), he has a hundred and one names, it depends on which country it is in! Yes, he helps all these teenagers, who are lost, he does marvelous work that man, with all his funny ways, and even here he has a sort of following of all past ducktails, and they have an awful lot of fun with their music and go back to doing what they did in the olden days, and they bring the astral children to these do’s, so that they can relate. And he is doing good work, each for his own mind you, not quite my type, not my type, I have a little bit of snobbery in me. Yeah you think it doesn’t happen up here, it is hard to change every way you were, it is hard, but you do it, we don’t think we are any better than anyone else, which happens on the earth vibration. But the habits die hard. We still get a bit waffy at times, you know we like the style of life that we had, and we continue it up here, the Indians continue with their way of thinking. And the Chinese theirs, we continue with ours. And if you haven’t in your mind any fresh memories of any other life, you automatically sort of follow on the way you lived in your latest escapade on earth. Miriam – What was your last life on earth, where was it? Verna (Paul) – It was wonderful, I was a very wealthy man, I had an English castle and my estate and unfortunately I had a few lessons to learn. I wasn’t a miser with my money, but I was inclined to try and tell my family what to do, do this, do that, you want money do this, it is underhand bribery which you don’t realise at the time. You use the power of money, and I had lots of friends who I realised when I popped over here were not friends at all. I mean they went to the reading of the will but never went to the funeral, well not in their hearts they never, but you see I was one up on them because I could watch all this,   unaware they were of me floating around, checking who was true and not true, and it was quite an experience, you actually feel some of the true emotion, and even those who are showing emotion, and don’t have true emotion, you sense that as well. And I had a lot of remorse in the way I treated people, but I wasn’t really bad, I was a bit of a snob, and I now would give anything to be able to take my money from where it went, which has all dwindled away now into different parts of the world. Because it was many years ago. Just imagine you know on earth what you know in spirit, and you write out that will, or you use the money while you are still on earth, and you help so many people. And I never did that, and in a way I suffer just as much as maybe a minister who preached the wrong religion, and comes up here and realises that he preached of hell and other things, which were non existent, that is the same feeling I get. That I had all that money and power and I kept it all for myself and my family, and there were so many people begging for help, crying for help, there are so many wealthy people on earth today, and they have got the hardest lesson to learn. Please, please coming from an extremely wealthy man, do not sit in your chair and envy anyone who is extremely wealthy, usually it is a lesson in life for them or in spirit for them, a lesson of total remorse of how much they could have done, and how little they did. And more wealthy people suffer coming over to our side than ordinary, everyday people like yourselves, and when I call you ordinary, everyday people, you are the kind of people who are so lucky, as your values in life are intact. Hey, I came for a nice quiet chat and I got all heavy, but I think that I wish I could tell all other wealthy people that, we have wealthy people, extremely wealthy people who teach spiritualism and who practice healing and do not give their money to the poor, to the animals, they give of their hearts, and their love and they give of their tongue to others for hearing, but they do not help with food or clothing or animals, or bills for spiritual churches, or whatever! And they would still have some over, but no they have their lesson to learn, so my friends when you make your million, I will be keeping a beady eye on you to make sure that you spread a little around. You know you have a saying in this home and we know that saying very well, and we hear you and you say ‘you get what you give’, we have heard you use this expression, and if you gave you would get, and if only those people knew that, you might not get money back for the money you give, but you will get such pleasure and such love. Ah all this conversation about money has brought two or three of my wealthy friends here, and they all agree, they are all standing there nodding their heads. Maybe this is a little, maybe you are going to make a lot of money my friend, and we have all been sent around to give you a little talking to, yes, you never know! Miriam – May I ask a question, if you can answer? The aristocrats like royalty and so on. Verna (Paul) – Not the Walt Disney? Miriam – No, do they normally continue life after life, or is it a one off thing. Verna (Paul) – Oh no, they send most of us back as little white mice! (Laughter)To teach us the biggest lessons of our lives! In fact we are so remorseful of the money we didn’t spend, we sit here and we think well lets go back as wealthy and spread the money and no, sometimes we choose to go back as awfully poor people, to pay for our lessons or maybe to teach someone who made the same mistake as us. No my dear lady, we do not continue, we could wish to, to choose to, and it may happen, but the trouble is we fear with all our hearts knowing that when we reach the earth plain and have chosen to go back as a wealthy person, because we have learnt this lesson, and we are going to give our money away left, right and center and help everybody. And we return to earth, and we forget, and we have to wait until we are spiritually awakened, because we start all over again. And we are so fearful we will go through the same remorse that often we would rather go back as paupers. And hope that some other rich guy has gone back, and has remembered and is kind enough to give us some of his money! (Laughter) I think I would take the challenge and go back as a wealthy man, but maybe, I wasn’t too bad, at least I was not a miser to my family and my friends, and I had a lot of visitors and gave a lot of pleasure. I wasn’t a nasty, mean man, but I could have been better. Well I will leave you now, I have thoroughly enjoyed my visit, we will stay for a cup of tea, we know there is a tea time, and this channel is very dry, we think she is suffering a little, we suffered on earth, we know, this hangover business, yes we don’t forget these things. We don’t forget these things, but you had a wonderful time and it was very good for your spirits, in fact we made sure that you felt better today than you should have felt. (Laughter) We worked very hard in astral last night, we even had to give a bit of healing and try and restore the broken physical a little, it was fun. And now we shall have some tea, yes? Miriam – Well, thank you for coming. Verna (Paul) – And this channel still wants to say Peter, please tell her my name is Paul, come back Peter, come back Paul, I don’t know where she gets Peter from. God bless you, and we will stay for tea, you can see if you sense us, maybe have a little giggle. This was very nice, I think I will come back and maybe give you some more tapes on my life, this channel was thinking research, yes we could do that. You could go back and do some research on who I am and where I lived, and yes I was in the medical profession and ended up teaching, very snobby high up individual, brought down a peg or two when I came up. And yes we would enjoy doing this, and watching you put the puzzle together, and maybe proving a point to one or two people, yes I think we will come back, and do this. Miriam – Yes that would be very interesting. Geoff – We should have every Saturday night while we are here, a sort of chat night, where we can ask all these questions. Miriam – That is a good idea. Geoff – Then we can write down all our questions. Verna (Paul) – We will make a note of that. Geoff – Thank you that would be great.   Miriam – That would be lovely, all different people could come through. Verna (Paul) – You see then we know which night we should come back. But you should be enjoying yourself as well, not just sitting here meditating, you should get out. Geoff – Well then we will go out Sunday, there you are problem solved. Verna (Paul) – You are impossible.  

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