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Miriam (Guide) – I have been waiting for you. I said I would show you and you must come with me beneath the waters. Geoff – Ah in that case, that I would love to do. Miriam (Guide) – This will be your last for this evening, but not the last time that I will be with you and show you the wonders that occur as one evolves to leave the waters. So come with me down to the cave, where you have been before but not right inside, and you will see, and you will put it on this tape the glories and the wonders that you see, and there is a special power that comes not just from your father but from all the spirit who are around you to enable you to see this, so now concentrate. Geoff – I can see you first of all, as like a giant jellyfish, goldish in colour with brown spots, and white at one end, a mass of energy in the water, I am actually inside you, it seems like it as we go down to these caves. At the bottom I can see rock, and I can see very clearly and I know that at this depth you are not supposed to, it is pitch black, but I am seeing through… Miriam (Guide) – It is spirit light. Geoff – Yes, that is it, which makes it crystal clear, the rocks at the bottom, there are many that are pyramid shape, the region has hot water coming in from the earth, through the seabed. The area that we are in is like an arena, a meeting place. Miriam (Guide) – It is yes. Geoff – And there are caves around and creatures all coming close, coming forward which they will do individually so that I can see them, greet them and describe them and so on, so that it doesn’t get too confusing for my mind. Now the first is a clear energy, it looks like, if the sea were made of a jelly solution, as the waves broke you would see them ripple towards the beach, and this is how this creature moves underwater, it is very soft and gentle and loving, just like a big puppy in a way, very comfortable to be around and touch and so on, and he is going to stay by me under my right arm, and going to watch who comes in next. Now the next is also made out of similar jelly material and as it moves through the water, very sedately and comfortable, it leaves behind a vibration, or footprint so you can see where it has been through in the water. Just a more, a different form but the same as the one under my right arm, sitting with me. The next have, if you can imagine a big bunch of seaweed, but in the center is a white flower, surrounded by an energy light, that pulses, it is not attached to the sea bed, and it drifts around and can move by using this energy that is around the white flower in the center. Miriam (Guide) – Is the flower a bit like the one that you had the other evening? Geoff – Yes! That’s right, with the energy around it and no definite extremity to it; it is easy, like a soft light bulb in a way, very nice. Now a creature which looks more like a fish, it is like an eel but with a long beak, this sort of beak is not pointed but rounded on the end, and the top is longer than the bottom, it is lumpy a bit like the skin of a crocodile but softer. The colour is green and black, and it is learning the lesson of looking ugly and fierce and frightening, and yet it has a very soft heart, and is a very basic stage for development. Fearing the reactions of the fellow creatures around it a lot, understand it but it seems to be a creature with a complex. I give it lots of love and it loves it. Next we have a large version of a starfish, it has a long way to go, it is four lifetimes behind the others that we have spoken to, will not progress to human life for a while, but wanted to come along and experience seeing me here. Miriam (Guide) – Many of these creatures will go to nature spirits eventually. Geoff – The next one looks like a giant goldfish bowl with alike an anemone tentacle sticking out of the top, all jellified, and at the top where the top of the round goldfish bowl sort of meets the tentacles, it is gold in colour and pulsating with energy. It is limited so much in that it can only sense what is immediately around it, and as I move closer and put my arm around it, it can sense my most basic feelings and no more. For it is only at that stage of development. Now we have creatures like earthworms, that wriggle through the water and these only have, it is like they only have two brain cells on either side of the body and they are learning very much the basics, they have hardly any awareness of what is going on. Miriam (Guide) – Not yet. Geoff – Now there are a host of smaller creatures bubbling through the water, they are circular with a little sort of exhaust sticking out of the back, which powers them along as they such water in and push it out the back, they are in a group and are in the latter stages of being in group minds. The original group minds, not the ones that have progressed, they are all connected, and when each dies and passes over they will become one creature, or a group of creatures of a higher progression than these. They learn as a group and whatever one experiences the others experience automatically through the group mind. Now I have another very underdeveloped creature, which is like a garden slug with various growths on it that doesn’t really realise that I am here, and it is probably the most basic form. There is now a fish buried in the gravel, which is all the colours of the rainbow and see through at the same time, it is quite highly evolved for this group, intelligent, and the colours run through it, when I look at the face from front to back I can see the different running through it, these colours are energy and also very acute sense, so that they can sense what is going on around them. Now I have got a panel of some big groups or panels of coral all sort of interwoven, and the coral with the water running through the coral, it makes a certain sound, the coral can adjust almost its composition, it adjusts something anyway so that the water as it runs through it makes different sounds so that it can communicate to other groups of coral. Miriam (Guide) – And now if you will turn around please, you will see the last things that you have to look at, which will amaze you. Geoff – There is a person in white, all white, which as a very high form of energy, next to that person is a form of spacecraft for traveling through time. Miriam (Guide) – Yes! Geoff – (Laughs) It is quite unbelievable, the person who is drifting along next to the spacecraft can see me and can understand what I say, and is far more highly developed than I can imagine. It is a woman, and her job it to look after the beauty of this area that we are in. She travels the different dimensions, the different worlds, and ensures that in each there is a certain amount of beauty that everyone sees. And this is for harmony and balance and for quite a lot of other reasons; she is showing me different animals and different forms of beauty, in shapes and colours and colours, which are just indescribable, mixtures of colours, which are just too beautiful for words. Miriam (Guide) – They are all so heavenly. Geoff – Yes, and it’s not huge bunches of flowers or whatever, it is just shapes and colours and I can see the beauty in those which is quite something, what she can achieve,  she creates through thought and she creates beauty, and makes things more beautiful and harmonious, the whole area, more balanced. She makes sure the area is more balanced so that those in it can develop more comfortably. Miriam (Guide) – I am so glad that you were able to see that, now you understand why extra energy was needed from all around you. Geoff – Yes, totally amazing, totally amazing! Miriam (Guide) – I thank you for that, and I shall hope to be with you again some other time. Geoff – Oh yes and thank you for that beautiful experience. It really was. Miriam (Guide) – Bless you for coming, bless you all. Geoff – Thank you, bless you.

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