Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening



In this meditation Betsy is channeling through Miriam to Verna about her past as a clairvoyant.
Miriam (Betsy) – Well, that was quite something. And now I see that you have your lady with you that I wanted to talk to when you were here last. Geoff – Yes Miriam (Betsy) – And I said I would come back again. I wanted to talk to her (Verna) because many, many, many years ago, I was doing the type of work that she is doing, but of course it was considered witchcraft then. But we did help people who were sick in the mind. So many people that were locked away because ordinary sane people could not understand what had gone wrong. And they thought that they were taken over by the devil. And therefore they had to be put out of sight. But many of these people were only slightly ‘disarranged’ because of something that had happened in their lives, and you can understand that now. But the difficulties that we had trying to help these people without being put to death ourselves, for what we were doing, it was extremely hard. Verna – I am sure, even now in today’s life. Miriam (Betsy) – So many of my friends were caught and they were put to death or tortured, and when I say tortured it was not an easy torture, it was something that dragged on for a long time, and a death would have been so much more merciful. But then for one reason or another they chose that life. The reason I wished to talk to you was to say that many of the people who were helping in years gone by, will be helping you in the future. For they have experienced so much, so much more than what you have so far. Because they had to start with people who could really not communicate and therefore it was so much harder for them. If the person was able to communicate telepathically then that was good, but if the spiritual path was dampened down too much then it became so very much more difficult to unravel and penetrate and find out the cause of the difficulty. Sometimes of course it was that the brain had not developed, but we were able to help in lots of cases, so many. Verna – There are so many ways to work, and I am not working in any of the ways that I have learned to work from other people, so it is a challenge. Miriam (Betsy) – No, but you were given the foundation that gave you the courage to start, and once you started then those in spirit will be helping you more in the way that you will do best. The way that they think you will be best. That is not to say that they will help in every case, because you must develop on your own, but you will be guided gradually just the same as your other half has been(Geoff) , he is your other half, yes definitely. Verna – Yes, he is. Miriam (Betsy) – I have just been told twin souls, but just the same as he has developed gradually and so you will be. And as you develop then you will be more and more surprised that you could even contemplate doing some of the things that you have to do. Verna – Oh I feel like that at least three times a week, I wake up and think ‘Wow.’ Miriam (Betsy) – Well, that is really all I wanted to say, but I wished to say to you yourself, because it is so much better than just passing it on as a third party. Verna – Thank you – that is lovely. Miriam (Betsy) – But we have watched you, and there are so many who will come at different times to help you. Verna – I can feel a lot of them there when I am working. Miriam (Betsy) – and let’s face it, the world as it is today, the mind is going to need treating more than anything. Verna – Oh yes, I have to agree with you there, attitudes have to change. Miriam (Betsy) – Stress is causing such a lot of trouble, but we are very pleased with the way that you have helped people, and we only ask that you be aware of those that you take on, well we know that your sixth sense and your guides are helping you, but just be wary of each person that you take on. Verna – Well I ask for guidance every day, but only clients that…..the right clients be guided to me, the clients that I can help and that they won’t waste their money if I can’t help them. Miriam (Betsy) – Then you must say no and you mustn’t be swayed by tears, begging you to help, when you know instinctively that it would be wrong. You have to be hard and say ‘I am sorry but I cannot help you’, don’t beat about the bush, tell them straight that you cannot help, and quite often that will go and make them think themselves. Verna – I tell them anyway when they come and see me – that they have to do it, I am not going to do it. Miriam (Betsy) – And now I must leave you, but I shall be talking to you again when you are overseas again in South Africa. Verna – Thank you and bless you Miriam (Betsy) – Goodbye for now and the name is Betsy. Verna – Betsy, I will remember that Betsy, thank you.  

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