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BLACK MAGIC RESCUE By The Spiritual Dictionary

In this meditation we rescue “Jack” who wanted to experience the power of black magic. (1990) Geoff – What I am seeing is something, which I can’t really understand yet, it is something to do with grey or black land or nightmares. There is an underground river and the water is totally black. Verna – I thought the water was blood. Geoff – And coming out of a sort of cave, or hole in the wall is this river, and bodies keep floating through and skeletons, it seems to be a child’s nightmare, I think, I will go inside the tunnel to see where these are coming from, to see if it gives an indication. Inside it is a dead end, and this stuff is just materialising, but I think it is in somebody’s mind, they are creating this with their mind because of something that they have experienced. They killed someone and this now preys on their mind, and when they sleep they suffer these continual nightmares, which is destroying their outlook of the world, and their day-to-day life and they are getting progressively worse. It is not important if the killing was done in peace time or in war, what is important is that we must stop the deterioration of this mind. To stop what is happening, we must get the person to break down completely and let out all these pent up emotions, which are causing the problem, he must be broken down to absolutely zero and then given love and understanding and a fresh start. It is a crisis point in his life, a turning point, and we must exaggerate the pain and suffering that he feels to get him to consciously break down before we can start the healing process. And if you transfer the energy to me, I will go into his mind and exaggerate the process until he breaks down. So all you need send me is energy, and we will see what happens. I can feel no emotion from him, his mind is blank, maybe he doesn’t care anymore and doesn’t have any desire to live, so I will now take hold of him and reverse the process and we can all put love and energy into him and I will talk to him and see if we get a response or whatever. That is all I can think of doing. Verna – Yes and one of us must make the water light, and take away all the thoughts of the skeletons and bones, you will show him in his mind and while you talk to him he will see the river is now clear and there is nothing horrible in it. I think if we could do that, clear the water, imagine some dark water and make it clear. Miriam (John) – This man has been dabbling with black magic, and you must get to the root of why he did that, and we will give you all the energy we can because it will be difficult. Geoff – So I must talk to him and find out why he did the black magic, which I will do before we give him the energy. Maybe what I am doing is wrong, instead of giving him blackness to break his spirit and to find out why, maybe we should white light him, and give him love and energy…….  Miriam (John) – Ah I was waiting for you to pick that up, I was waiting, oh I am so pleased! Verna – What we are actually doing is taking the blood bath away from him and turning it into clear, crystal water. Miriam (John) – Yes, it was the blood he dabbled with many times. Verna – And I think he performed a sacrifice or was involved and I see somebody going into this bloodbath, and he is seeing this, whether he did it or whether he saw it  I don’t know, but he is viewing this body going into this bloodbath, and that is why he sees the bones going down the river of blood, it is not really a river, more like a puddle of blood from the sacrifice and this turned his mind completely, but he decided immediately not to dabble anymore, and he was quite innocent when this took place, he was easily influenced by others but once he was in it and had seen this, he knew this kind of thing went on in the world, he didn’t know which way to turn, no-one good would believe him, he couldn’t tell anyone that was really good, because it was a murder he would be discussing. I see him in a tight corner, four walls, cramming him in and no way to turn except a bad way that he didn’t want to go, so he stayed within these four walls, emotional walls, where he couldn’t turn to anyone for help, because how do you tell someone that you killed somebody. I mean what could he do except continue being on the bad path which he didn’t want to do, and that is why we have been asked to help him because he has built himself a nightmare, and he has suffered enough and paid for his sins while still on earth on the physical. He will not pay for this again when he passes over, he has paid his debt and truly wants to repent. Geoff – We are sitting on the bank next to the river, and the flow of the blood has stopped coming out of this cavern and it has changed to water, but the water comes not just from the cavern, it flows along the riverbed, it comes from every pore of every rock surrounding us, and it washes away every particle of blood in this cavern, which is the entrance to the mind. We will walk into the mind and do the same thing, and see that the air is clearer and is lighter and brighter, and I have this man by the left hand, and we walk inside and there is no fear, he is finding it a relief and hard to believe, and we will presently move out of the mind, above the mind, to where he can talk to his higher self. And his higher self will convince him that the fear is no longer there, there is no further need to suffer and most important that his suffering is…. in a way he has paid for his sins, not all of them but the major part of his suffering is over. Miriam (John) – But this time it is full, it is true, it has happened before when he has been led astray when they have wanted him to commit some other crime, and they have dangled a carrot it in front of him and then taken it away. But this time you must give the love that goes with it, so that he knows it is true. Geoff – We will direct all that we can to him to give him strength, so that he understands the situation, the more that he understands the stronger he will become. And the quicker he will become stronger. I can feel no emotion from him, he seems to be numbed. His name is Jack. His body is white except the solar plexus, I can still see a black circle around that, and I put my right hand on it, so the energy we have in this circle can go through my hand into the solar plexus. His eyes are open and he is feeling what we are doing, and he is beginning to understand the power that is on the white side compared to the power on the black side. For the first time he is beginning to feel that he can safely walk on the white side without fear, without going back to his old ways, he feels protected. He has seen the immense love and feeling and power of the white side, and turns to look down at the black side and releases all connections to it, and also loses all the fear that he had of that black side. He knows that if he continues that he is totally safe, and we are rising upwards at the moment through this huge ball of whiteness, and the blackness is like a pit in the earth, like at the bottom of the mine, and we are going higher and higher, there is all white around us. The farther we get away the more happy and confident he becomes, and he can now turn and look upwards and see straight and has a good understanding of the experience he went through from the spiritual side, his higher self is being told that he is a very high up spirit who had to go through this experience as a matter of learning about a lot of power and he is now released from it. And that is it. Miriam (John) – That is a very pleasant job, it could have quite easily have gone the other way if you had not had the strength that you had. There are so many people in the blackness just standing out of your vision, but not out of your senses I am sure.

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