Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening



In this meditation Verna and Luke are doing the healing and a guide called Dr. Paul is channelling through Miriam. Verna: I’ve got a dwarf here. I can feel something wrong with his eyes. Miriam (Dr Paul) This is Dr. Paul speaking and I’m sure if you concentrate you will be able to see what’s wrong. Verna: Thank you, and Welcome. Verna: I think he has a disease, which is causing blindness. Miriam (Dr Paul) That is quite right. Verna: Like a virus. Miriam (Dr Paul) Yes. Verna: Well, they use the word virus for anything that they don’t know what it is, don’t they? I see a whole lot of tiny little spots. Miriam (Dr Paul) Yes. Verna: And I think those are the – that’s the bug (for lack of a better word) that we have to remove. That’s the infection. Miriam (Dr Paul) That is right. That is quite right. Verna: And so, they want Luke to put his hands – no just his right hand over the dwarf’s eyes – both of them, and we will give him the power. Even as he’s doing that those little spots are getting paler, they’re not so white anymore. Miriam (Dr Paul) Quite right. Verna: And in actual fact Luke is healing him – we’re just giving him love. We’re not doing anything. Miriam (Dr Paul) That is right. He is doing it all tonight. He just has to imagine those spots disappearing. Verna: They are changing color from a snow white to an opaque and now they’re getting smaller. Miriam (Dr Paul) You have progressed so well since I was last here. Verna: They’re nearly gone but, we have done all we have to do, and slowly but surely from now on he will start seeing more clearly and gradually regain his sight. Miriam (Dr Paul) He will. Yes, that is quite right. Verna: We can’t just give him his sight back just like that. Miriam (Dr Paul) No, it would not be accepted. That is very good and I’m very pleased to see that you young man (To Luke) are doing your bit. I know you give a tremendous lot of power to these sessions, whether it be meditating or healing but tonight you did something practical as well. Verna: He’s going now.

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