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Our Blog – Created in Memory of Verna Hindmarch

My Mom, best friend, mentor and guardian angel. Aiden’s granny, advice counsellor, kindness and boundary teacher and humour companion. Geoff’s wife, soul companion, life partner in everything fun, crazy, different and spiritual. A spiritual angel as a mother Well, all I can say is that I chose really well. Luck had nothing to do with it, although I was constantly told by all my friends, “how lucky I was to have a Mom like that”. We choose our parents. One of them may well, just be noted as a donor, but we choose them none the less. And that “donor”, especially if there are hardships and difficulties along the way, that may well be caused by them, are here just as much, to help us learn and grow, teaching us along our journey. Life is full of lessons and growth. It’s one big school and a beautiful journey. It’s up to us, how we embrace it and grow from it. I was born in 1971, due date and arrival date: September 19th . Mom was at a braai, her water broke. They drove her to the hospital, and while she was on the bed in the corridor waiting, I popped out to say hi. And yes, they still charged her. Lol. I was very sick with encephalitis, the worst case possible. Mom stayed with me in quarantine. I am sure most of you have read her book. It explains her life prior to all this, her marriage and the hardships. If not, it is available for you. One night, in the hospital room, she had me on her lap, and she saw colours and energy movement all around me. Then some nurses walking around the room. This was all in her half-sleep state. The next morning, on chatting to the nurses, she discovered that “nobody” came into our room last night! Within her, she knew I was healed. The doctor claimed she was in denial of course. Until they took the necessary tests, and discovered I was all clear. Then of course they said it was a “misdiagnosis” after all that. Really?It’s not a wonder I haven’t had the best faith in pharmaceutical medicine this entire life time,  although it has its place at times. These natural beliefs certainly helped me find my path. I also have a really good excuse, as I was meant to be brain damaged if I survived that. She always said “she gave a part of her soul to heal me”. And that is how I have spent my life, feeling so connected to her. If I was travelling on the other side of the world, not a day would go by, where I didn’t connect with her, somehow. We could talk to each other about absolutely everything, with no judgment, just pure understanding, space and love. Mom had it quite tough, she divorced when I was 3 and my brother was 5. She worked 2 jobs with no support. Yet, she always had the most amazing friends and social life; and everyone, together, took care of us both. She loved life, having fun and humour; and her entire being radiated kindness and humanitarianism. That is, after all, what life is about. This blog is dedicated to you, my angel, and once we have shared our valuable bits of information, I have no doubt that we will all work together, and lead it into the most profound blog for spiritual guidance, messages and lessons beyond what we ever imagined possible. Onwards and upwards angel. With love and blessings, Your Sharon

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