Book 4: Spiritual Healing

The ability to heal comes from the desire to heal. The desire to heal comes from the understanding of life. You have seen how nature continually heals itself – no matter what the damage is. The body was designed that way too, but in order to learn and experience we stray off the path of natural healing and look at other possibilities.

The learning curve that we are in now is scientific medicine. Our Doctors are trying to find solutions using new ideas, chemicals and techniques – but not using all the tools available… such as love, energy, colours, sound and nature. That’s OK though – that is how we learn.

I have been very blessed to have joined in and experienced hundreds of healings, some of which are listed here.

There is healing energy on Earth that we can use – stored in Mountains, Deserts, all forms of nature and even energy left behind by experienced healing groups and teachers, but normally when we heal on this planet we use energy and guidance from spirit. Spirit cannot heal directly from where they are as this would interfere with the freewill that we have (and need to develop) – they have to go through someone who agrees to let their body be
used to transfer Spiritual energy to an earth energy. Then that energy can be used to heal the one in need.


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