Book 5: History & Future Time

This is where it gets even more exciting. By this stage I was Astral Traveling almost every day. Whenever I tuned in there were always Teachers and Guides waiting to show me something new. Sometimes I would travel though different dimensions – sometimes the past and occasionally the future.

What I learnt and experienced was beyond my wildest imagination. You are being ―told‖ these adventures and will find them hard to believe. I experienced them and understood them. And with each new adventure I understood that there were fewer and fewer people that I would be able to discuss them with.

I met some beautiful souls during this period. When you meet a soul on the other side you have an instant understanding of who they are – but you see and sense right into their inner being and experience the huge amount of love that they have to give – and their willingness to help and teach.

It is a very humbling experience.


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