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ASTRAL HEALING (BOY CAUGHT IN SNARE)  By SpiritualDictionary.com

In this meditation Verna and I are learning Astral healing, and a Guide called Dr Paul is channeling through Miriam. (1990) Geoff:      There is a child who is a little backward.  He was walking through some forest near his home, and he has stepped into a hunter’s snare which has tightened around his calf.  The wire has penetrated the flesh and because he is backward he cannot free himself and struggles which makes matters worse.  What we have to do is unusual.  We must roll him on to his face – it is his right leg that is caught – and we must hold him there – and Luke’s energy creates the physical power to hold him face downwards.  I can reach into the wound and grab the noose of this wire and loosen it and Luke with his right hand must grab this boy’s right foot and pull it towards him, so I can take the noose off his foot……. which is done.  The wound is bad but not serious.  We wrap it in a white bandage which is a spiritual one, and pink too.  We must start to seal the wound to stop the flow of blood.  Nothing serious is damaged – nothing too serious.  We seal the wound and this boy will limp home and his family will assume that the snare only badly damaged the skin and is not as deep as it really is, and will heal in a short time.  The boy himself will be puzzled and confused but it is not his time to learn of spiritual matters. But when he is older and starts to learn he will be able to recall this memory and understand what happened.   He starts off home now with no more than a badly cut leg and tears – and he will be fine. Miriam (Dr Paul):     And you are quite right that he will remember this in the future for he has much work to do later – in later life. And I wonder if you can see you have many more visitors tonight watching how you are progressing, or maybe you can sense that they are there.  Geoff:      Yes, and also our blind friend Paul is here. Miriam (Dr Paul):     Just so and he is listening and he in time will be helping healing for he will be able to use his inner vision.  As you are describing things he will answer what you are saying.

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