Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening



In this meditation an advanced Soul whom we call “Brighton” channels through Geoff about the town of Brighton in the UK, after the Earth has changed in the early 21 Century. Recorded in 1992 in South Africa. Geoff:  I am in a town at the moment. I was up above looking down at the town.  It looked like a firework display was going to happen.  So I went down closer to have a look and every building, every article, every public seat, and every phone box – everything is going off like firecrackers. It is like they are covered in firecrackers. It is a city or town that no longer exists – it is devoid of human life. And what has happened is that the energy that has built up here has reached a peak – and it like self destructs, and when this finishes, the town will be totally devoid of human life and energy, and can remain dormant for hundreds of years. Verna: Why do they need to do that? Geoff:  It looks like Brighton in England. The town is empty for some reason and there is a lot of energy remaining, and this energy has to be…..      No…. No I am looking just beforehand, energy is all over the town, and energy creates more energy, it must continually drive and create, and because there is nobody to direct it and nobody to absorb it, it expands until it reaches the maximum of its containment. Let’s say they come in units, and once that unit is completely charged and has nowhere to go it explodes. It disburses all the energy in different directions.  This is what I am seeing all over Brighton.  It could relate to one particular thing in Brighton, not necessarily all the people but one dimension of life, I am not sure what this means at the moment.  I being given a sort of example – let’s say that Brighton was full of gay people and this energy is used to protect the gay people from annoying other people.  If all the gay people suddenly left Brighton, that’s when this energy would stay there, and eventually self-destruct because it is not needed anymore.  It is something along those lines. I know that Brighton is a gay city or town – maybe it is connected to Aids or something like that.  Let’s see what else I can see. I am seeing Brighton as completely grey, and completely devoid of life. I thought for a minute it was prior to today’s time, but it looks so very primitive, lots of barren rock and bones and so on.  It maybe sometime in the future, maybe some time in the past – I cannot get it clearly. I will leave it and concentrate on what else I can see. Verna It is the future – there are two sides, there is a black side and a white side.  There are two different energies and they finally balance the energies out, and that is coming to my mind so that has something to do with that – a similar thing. Geoff:  I will go into the centre and I will find a memory section, which I can see, and I will hold onto it and hopefully pick up the memories of what’s happened. Now I have walked into a house – a particular house on the main street and immediately felt a violent reaction from what is there.  It is like I was pushed straight out again.  So I will go back inside ………..and somebody is there….. and I have asked him to talk and he is halfway…… (Brighton starts to move into Geoff to channel) Verna:  Talk to me, talk to me friend, what is the matter? Geoff (Brighton): I will talk to you – I am from a future dimension. Verna:  Relax Geoff (Brighton): It is all right………. I am taking energy from you to get through – which I am getting, from you – do not be afraid. Verna: No, I am not afraid. Geoff (Brighton): Yes – to get through the barriers from this dimension is difficult. Verna: We are honored that you got through those barriers to get through to us. How can we help? Geoff (Brighton): What will pass will pass. You cannot help, although I know that you want to. This city of Brighton – when the earth moves on its axis, those that have a negative past will be drawn to settle in this area.  When the earth moves on its axis they will be totally wiped out.  This you must realise is for the good, for it will help to balance the future generations.  And those who are drawn here have no more work to fulfill on this earth at this time, and they will be totally wiped out.  We were sent here, there are several of us to create an attraction to bring these poor souls to this area. We obviously work for the good, and one of our tasks is to bring these unfortunate souls together so they can all pass over at once. They will pass over into different stages of the grey lands and lower levels, and they will be looked after in the future.  It is necessary for this to happen, as I am sure you can understand. Verna: Yes we do. Geoff (Brighton): And our difficulty is working constantly amongst negative forces, as you know your awareness of late has become much stronger, and so has ours to such a degree, that feeling these negative vibrations, and in such enormous volumes is very hard for us to bear. We do it willingly and I will try and explain the situation that we are in, have been in, and will be in as this has started and has gone into the future which is where I am talking from now.      I am just getting more comfortable. Verna: Yes, I am being asked to tell you to try and take some deep breaths because we are on the same vibration now… Geoff (Brighton): Yes it is evening out the vibrations, I had to take myself from there through the negative vibrations of time, back to here, which is….. Verna: I am being told by the friends with us, that your mind had not registered you were on the same vibrations, and you can now relax just a little bit, and welcome and thank you for this. Geoff (Brighton): Thank you. Now to describe how it feels in what we are doing. We are surrounded by an aura, which is assisted by many many others with a very strong vibration to help us go through this – and out of this is an enormous area covered with total negative vibrations – we send out these to bring in these souls with such bad karma and bad vibrations, and it is claustrophobic.  Should we let up for one moment, then we will be overwhelmed by the negative – but we work together as a group and we can each sense each other, and should one weaken or be in danger of being overwhelmed by the negative forces then we will support. Now, what you saw in the beginning was the energy being finalised in this area, and being totally depleted.  The energy that we work on is a different dimension and therefore we do not affect it and vice versa. Verna: It is a very difficult job you are doing. Geoff (Brighton): It is of no consequence for what may seem difficult to you at your stage of development – but at our stage of development, we are probably going through the same difficulties as you are at your stage, the only difficulty at this stage is coming back in time and trying to get the information across to you as I would wish to do – as we would wish to do. Verna: Well you are doing very well. Geoff (Brighton): You will see a time in your lifetime, when this tilt of the earth’s axis will take place, and this area you know as Brighton will be totally destroyed with much much loss of life.  There will be similar occurrences around the world, and when this happens, with such negative forces all coming into one area it overwhelms the goodness, which we understand, will happen.  And the good energy is totally depleted and destroyed by the negative.  Then all is totally wiped out, and for many centuries that area will become sea.  Beneath the waters the negative will be divided into sections, and removed by those in spirit especially designed for this task – and all the negative energies will be removed piece by piece, until there is harmony once again beneath the water.  Only then will be it be suitable to resurface in many many many years to come, thousands of years.  This is one of the things you will experience in the future, and you will realise that before this event will take place, you will be in an area such as this, and you will feel surrounding you such bad, evil, negative, black, dark vibrations, and you will know after this meeting that this is one of the areas that will be destroyed. Verna: So we will know to get the hell out hey? Geoff (Brighton): (Laugher) … you have a way with words.  I give you many thanks for being able to come… Verna: No we don’t want you to go yet – please.  You have taught us so much tonight. Geoff (Brighton): Then thank you, I will stay a little longer, and if I may help by answering what questions I can – for I am sure you have other concerns as to the future of this earth. Verna: Yes, getting back to my small joke – if we do make it to “get the hell out” we would like to prepare, in order to help others, and we have already heard about this – and it is a small fear within me that I have not yet learnt enough about herbs and natural existence, and yet I don’t have an immense interest in that. Neither my husband nor I do yet, so maybe there will be other ways we will be helping. Can you advise us how to prepare for this, so we can help those left behind? Geoff (Brighton): No – there is no advice that I can give, because as you advance through life, through what you would call spiritual development, you can only advance at the speed at which you are ready to advance, and want to advance.  At the time of this occurrence you may be well advanced, or slightly advanced, and according to the amount of your experience, that will give you the experience of what you can use at that particular time. Verna: I understand, and my intuition will lead us in any case, of what we can learn to help others by that time. Geoff (Brighton): Yes it would. There are many years before this occurrence however, it is sometime in the future. Verna: We will be quite old by then. Geoff (Brighton): To give a time is not allowed, as you can understand. Verna: Oh no, I was not asking, that was not the question. Geoff (Brighton): I realise that it, I was explaining my hesitancy to answer the question. But during this period between now and when this occurrence does happen, you will develop at a certain speed, which only you can control, and which could be very fast or very slow, but regardless of what it is, you are going in the right direction, and therefore you will have certain tasks to perform when you get there, and as for those tasks, … that is not a problem. Verna: Surely there will be a lot of good souls that – excuse me, that won’t have the awareness of ‘get the hell out’ I am sorry, I have a sick sense of humor, but maybe they will go on a trip at that time if they follow their intuition, and maybe some will just end up in spirit, but they will be so well looked after – is this right thinking or? Geoff (Brighton): Yes it is very true.  You can have a person who has the most beautiful soul but does not want to develop – not that he does not want to develop, but he is merely content to stay. If I can give an example of someone like Sister Theresa, sorry Mother Theresa, now we know on our side what stage she has reached.  Assuming a normal person such as yourself, who acts as a Mother Theresa and spends many many lifetimes of looking after the poor, and is content to look after the poor, and live a happy life and think no further. There is no continuing spiritual development.  For many lives 50, 100, 200, 500 lives she will do exactly the same thing because she is content on that path, she will only develop when she is ready to develop it is like being on holiday for… Verna: So it would be would not matter to her if she was in the middle of Brighton helping the negative people and she passed over – so what. Geoff (Brighton): It would not matter, she is oblivious, and when she passes over she is still happy and when she comes back, she is happy again. Verna: You know what I think the most valuable thing I have from spiritualism – I think is having lost the fear of death. I think that if I had not lost it and Geoff, we would not have this lesson from you.  If you knew that we still feared death, we would never ever have this lesson from you tonight.  I don’t think anyway – because it would make our fear grow even more, that maybe we would be in one of those places and I don’t fear that. Geoff (Brighton): Yes you will find the people who have a fear of death have very little knowledge of spiritualism.  And what knowledge they do have they do not believe. Verna: I have a tiny thing to say, I do fear how I die, I would not like to burn to death and yet I know, and I have enough faith that I would probably leave my body anyway, and not feel half the pain but that is natural I suppose. Geoff (Brighton): I think inside you do know. What will happen on your passing? You may not know the manner of your passing, but you will know what comfort you will feel.  For instance, should you die from an automobile accident at what stage do you think you could leave your body? Verna: I think quite soon, knowing what I know.   Yes that is a thought.  I would probably leave my body sooner than somebody in the same accident who is not aware. Yes or No? Geoff (Brighton): Yes, but let me give you a thought – would you leave your body prior to the accident or after? Verna: …………Wow Geoff (Brighton): Should you know that imminent death was 10 seconds away, would you wait to experience that death or would you say that it was time to ‘get the hell out of here’? Verna: You are teasing me, now don’t you think I would still fight for a bit of life, and probably get out after the accident – don’t you think I would still have the natural physical instinct to not want to leave my children behind or whatever? Geoff (Brighton): Yes, to a degree…….. but if, let’s take the circumstance if you fell off a 50 storey building plummeting towards the earth, you would not think that once I hit there that maybe I should fight for my life? Because you know that once you hit there…. Verna: Yes I know what you mean. Yes – once I knew it was definitely the end I would let go, yes. Geoff (Brighton): Exactly, you would let go of your spiritual body – but you would say that the decision has been made, that in 10 seconds time I will not have a physical, nor need the physical body, so therefore I might as well leave it now and therefore you can depart… Verna: Great. Geoff (Brighton): But, Supposing the accident was from the 1st storey or 2nd storey or 3rd storey, then you would not be able to make that decision until the point of impact, and you can assess the damage etc.  Do you understand? Verna: Yes, but I have always thought that I am not afraid of death, and I actually look forward to passing over, and I say that but I still think that I would hate to leave my family, but I still think that the difference is on the impact, I would leave my body to avoid a lot of the psychical pain and suffering of the body. Geoff (Brighton): Yes also true – the more you develop the more you can control.  Should you be involved in a serious accident tomorrow, and you were trapped in a wreckage of a car – you would call upon who to assist? Verna: My spirit friends, God? Geoff (Brighton):Yes – you know so much about healing, and what can be done at these accidents, that you would automatically believe inside that your spirit friends would come and help  – and take away the pain, and sort you out and give you energy and fix this and fix that. Verna: Yes, you know what I often think of is that if that happened to me, and I was aware of that, I would leave my body and stand on the side and avoid all the pain, and this is being very chicken. Then my spirit friends would come and fix my body and help, then I would get back in – a bit cheeky but I think it is possible. I think because of the healing that we have been allowed to do here, fortunately being able to help some people, as we know they have been out of their bodies. Geoff (Brighton): Yes, it is possible but it is something you would not do. Verna: Yes, if I have to go through the pain for a lesson I will – in a nice way. Geoff (Brighton): It is not so much as going through physical pain – your natural physical body when there is an accident goes into a form of shock or trauma, where the nervous system is disconnected from the brain, so you do not feel the pain – when you are maybe trapped under a vehicle or crushed you do not feel the pain, because you cannot see it.   But what you might do is remain in this position and call your spirit friends, and see them come and see them help and feel what they do, and feel the energy coming in, experience it all, and once all that experience is finished you would wake up in hospital as normal. Verna: It has been lovely having a conversation with you – and I know some of the questions have been teasing – almost natural thinking in a way which is lovely, it has been wonderful – you have a wonderful vibration about you which has been very light, but I think that you have had to make it that way to get down to this heavier vibration.  I am very interested – well we both are, in this different dimension.  I mean you are obviously living in this lifetime, but on a different dimension, so have you come down from like a different dimension which is already in the future– explain where you come from if you are allowed. Geoff (Brighton): It is very difficult to explain. Verna: Try me. Geoff (Brighton): Time is as a river is running – if you take the river this long, and every portion of that river is moving at once, the future, today and the past is all flowing forward – yet the past will flow to here so if I come from here, I can come back to the present or go back to the past. The further I go back the further into the past I can get…..but remember the past is always coming forward… It is very difficult for me to explain as time is endless and time is constant. And time is constantly moving. When you can move to a different vibration – like in a dimension when you move into a different vibration – then you can look at different time sequences.  Now I am at the moment on this part of the river and… to travel through time is using an energy which you have not yet learnt – and will not yet learn for many many years. It is an extension of telepathy with energy – do you know how telepathy works? Verna: Yes Geoff (Brighton): Telepathy works between two people – it can therefore work between two people in different time spans – so let’s link the future with telepathy to the past. It is very complicated to receive a message from the future because the future can change. Verna: Ok – but it is not necessary that you lived in this lifetime – now I do past life regressions –  can you tell me what you think about that, because you are coming back to this time to talk to us, that does not mean to say that you lived in the same time as we are living in now. Geoff (Brighton):No-  if I take your hand and we walk back along the river and look into the past I can show you the past, and that is what you do with past life regression.  You take your patients and by using the mind take a walk back along the river to look at a past life where they existed before. Verna: And yet it took so much energy for you to come back from your future to now so it must be like a different…. Geoff (Brighton): There is a difference. Verna: That is what I want to know. Geoff (Brighton): You take the hand of your patient and you take them back there – for you to – through meditation you can do this? You can go back and you can see your own past. So does that answer your question? Verna: Oh yes – that is amazing that is great. Geoff (Brighton):When you take a patient back to their past life whether you go with them or direct their mind back there, they are seeing a past picture of what happened but they cannot go into that lifetime as yet and communicate with the people there, and hold a conversation as I am doing now with you.  It requires a lot more development and understanding of the vibrations and energy and exactly how it is done. Verna: This is wonderful it is just so wonderful to have learnt everything from you tonight. Geoff (Brighton): Yes, your husband agrees to. Verna: Oh he is thrilled I can feel it – and to be able to ask you all those questions in helping people by taking them back to their past lives – it is not always easy because some of them don’t really believe in it at the time.  I normally only do those who are drawn to me – it is not normally something I would like to advertise and have it done out of curiosity. Geoff (Brighton): Yes everybody is assisted and guided and 90% of the people you talk to will unknowingly ask their guides for direction as to whether they should or should not, and also those that are drawn to you and so on. Verna: So do you agree that a lot of help can be done in illness by being taken back to your past life – because so much of illness is in the mind? Geoff (Brighton): Yes – this is a very tricky subject. You can cure many illnesses where it is related to something in one of their past lives, but why do you think that they still have that problem in this life? Verna: Because they never learnt the lesson in their past lives. Geoff (Brighton): So, what you must do is teach them a lesson.  If you can teach them a lesson then it is beneficial, but it is not advisable to wipe out a lesson, which has not been learnt. Verna: That is where I have had the faith in my guides and in their help, and I have always asked – take me back to a past life where it is possible and if it is allowed for them to be alleviated of some pain which is not necessary, it is a lesson learnt but they can’t get rid of it – is that OK? Geoff (Brighton): Yes, they are always guided and looked after, as you will be. When you do this sort of work you do this with the goodness of your heart, and as long as it is done from there you will be guided and looked after and there will be no problems whatsoever with your patients.  Should you have a problem or something which you perceive to be a problem, it will be a lesson for you about dealing with those sorts of people in the future. Verna: Ah – that is nice. Geoff (Brighton): But whatever you create, what you do to help, where it comes from is here (points to heart centre) then you will always be totally protected, guided and whatever. Verna: So as long as I do it and really feel like I am doing the right thing that I can at the time, I will be guided? Geoff (Brighton): Yes, you do it anyway – I can see it within you, you know that you do this anyway. Verna: No, sometimes I get nervous because you are dealing with people’s lives and minds and that is so powerful. Geoff (Brighton): Yes, but you know the intention that you have inside you, it is not for financial gain that you teach these people nor for your ego – it is genuinely from love to help these people. Verna: This is great. I am going to think of all the questions when you have gone.  I wish we had warning and I am sure my husband has a lot of questions too. Can we have a name?  Will you ever come back to us and visit?  it will be easier to come through next time. Geoff (Brighton): I would like to very much because I have enjoyed this escape from the life that I live, and although I am connected very very closely to others like myself, we have a very enjoyable life, and harmony although we are surrounded by negative vibrations – it seems like hard work, working as a group, but it is most enjoyable.  If you could imagine that you had 100 best friends and 100 husbands with as much love you will have a very enjoyable life, and could do a lot more but occasionally it is nice to leave those on one side and talk to somebody new, purely for the selfish enjoyment and for me this is like a holiday, an escape from that area and I am enjoying it very much. Verna: You must have a tremendous amount of power to do the job you are doing now, I know it is relevant to your progression, but so is the power we need to help friends in a much less scale of trouble than what you deal with. We know how much it takes from us, so the energy you must need makes me proud of you and so chuffed that you have come to visit us, it has fills me with pride because you must…. wow. Geoff (Brighton): It is all relative, as you on this level have that much energy, I am on a higher level and have that much energy, and I know this will not come out on the tape… (He was showing how much “that” was) They cannot see my hands! It is relative, I have practiced and learnt through many more lifetimes, and now I use enormous amounts of energies compared to what you use, but it is also relative to the advancement that I have made compared to what you have made. Just like getting a bigger car, you need a bigger engine. Verna: Either you and me, or you me and my husband have been together in a past life?  I can sense that. Geoff (Brighton): You are very close – yes, Verna: I can sense the circle, I can sense the love, and the closeness. Geoff (Brighton): Yes there is one word to describe this….what do you sense between the three of us? Verna: A one Geoff (Brighton): A little more… a totally even vibration. Verna:  Oh yes, totally. Geoff (Brighton): It is a harmony. Verna: I just want to put my arms around you… Geoff (Brighton): I can see you are very happy and I am very happy too. Harmony, you will see, harmony I will describe as an equal line and there are many equal lines one upon the other going to great depths, and you will find others on an equal line to you that have a total harmony with you  – you have probably been connected to their past lives. Verna: You are not going to tell us which past life are you? Geoff (Brighton): It is unimportant at this stage… Verna: I knew that you were going to say that, I knew, I picked up the first bit, you give me a clue that is fair.  I know you confirmed it but…… can I see? Geoff (Brighton): Can you see? Verna: Can I see if I can sense it? Geoff (Brighton): OK Verna: You were a leader because you have always been more advanced than us, and you seem to be leader in this past life, ancient, ancient times.  But it is a time, if we were to be regressed into this past life we would be totally amazed because it is not even cave man days it is on a different vibration or dimension, as you like to say. Geoff (Brighton): Lower vibration. Verna: It’s not anything to do with this earth’s existence that we know of.  Does not seem to be… Geoff (Brighton):Yes,  why you are having difficulty seeing it, is because the vibrations are much lower – it is true we were connected in a lifetime best described as…. many thousands of years ago. There was a village which your husband told you about, it was the same village – now in that life the three of us were acquainted but not directly assisting each other’s karma.  We did not help guide each other, we were there… in fact we shared a part of that lifetime and that is why you can feel the connection. Verna: But were you sort of a much wiser…. you were on a higher, I mean it is obvious; I sound stupid because it is so obvious. Geoff (Brighton): It is not, it is not.  People progress at different speeds and we are now talking about many thousands of years. Verna: Yes, but you were still higher than us even at that time. Geoff (Brighton): Can you remember that lifetime and what you taught? Verna: I can remember it but I can’t remember what I taught. Geoff (Brighton): You had to teach the young girls about going through growing up.  As you taught the girls so I taught the men. Verna: Oh, this is great, we have a spare bedroom you could stay the night and talk again tomorrow……. Geoff (Brighton): I would love to but….. I think I must go… Verna: I can feel you getting tired. Geoff (Brighton): I did not intend to stay this long but as I said it has been a most enjoyable experience and I mean that sincerely – it has been many years since I have done this, and I am happy that I was asked to teach you. Actually your husband came to look for me because I… Verna: That’s right, because he went down…… Geoff (Brighton): And when he first moved in, he came into the building, I was a little taken aback…… Verna: Well, he is a very brave man – he has got such faith. Geoff (Brighton): It was not me that he felt, because there is so much negativity there – as two magnets are attracted together so we are totally surrounded by golden lights, energy and so on. The negative energies attach themselves to us from the outside, and what your husband first saw when he came in was a lot of negative energy, which obviously he picked up, the negative vibrations from and felt it was a very bad energy and then I was able to reach out and advise him otherwise. Verna: But he has such faith, he is ready to walk into such negative energies “oh I’m going in to find out more” you know –         before you go – I know names don’t mean anything, but we would love to be able to talk to you with a reference or a name because we do sit and talk, and we don’t want to say “that man” or “that visitor”. Geoff(Bright): Yes – it would be far better for you to say, if we only speak again in 10 years and say my name is Brian or whatever, it will not mean a lot because there will be many types of Brian’s it is better to refer to me as ‘Brighton’ Verna: Ok that is fine Geoff (Brighton)….and then it will immediately bring back all the memories. Verna: Ok, that is lovely, we will do that. And we hope that it is not so long before you come back and visit us again – maybe my husband will come and fetch you again. Geoff (Brighton): Well, he does know where I live!!!!!. Verna: And give you a little bit of a holiday again. Geoff (Brighton): Yes – now I really must go and …. thank you, and it was an entertaining and enjoyable conversation…… and I leave you many blessings. Verna: Well, I will make a joke now “You are going to get the hell out and go back home”…… and please take all our love and our blessings with you – I am sure you can feel it. Geoff (Bright): I will do that – thank you. Verna: God bless you and good luck with all your work.  

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