Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening


BROKEN BACK – 1990   By

In this meditation a regular guide called Dr Paul is channeling through Miriam, and Verna channels the “patient”. Geoff – The first patient here is lying on a stretcher, he has been taken to a hospital, and it is three or four minutes before treatment will start. He has either fallen or being thrown onto a pointed piece of concrete, very big and very solid, and it has gone right into him, it has crushed his spine at the back and the organs around, and it’s just around his navel. The biggest damage is that the spine has been broken and the nerves severed, the organs at the front of the spine have been split open. And badly damaged, and this person will die if we don’t act fast. The most important thing to do is first of all stop the bleeding on the major organs, which you can do by simply holding them together and sealing them with our finger and thumb, and put your hands around them both hands around one organ, and with the finger and thumb seal them, this really just stops the bleeding, the four major organ which we are doing right now. The next most important thing is the back bone and the nerves going down the spine, the back bone we will pull closer together just to make it easier, they know his back is broken, we cannot heal that completely, but the nerve endings have all been severed and we can connect these without the doctors realizing, and this we must do very rapidly, so it gives movement to the lower half of the body, tiny little black threads, just connect them up. And now we put a hand either side of the waist, and we must visualize that this person’s waist is much wider than it should be, because it has literally been squashed, and this releases some of the strain on the organs which were bleeding. I just push that in so that they relax. The doctors are getting him ready for surgery, so we still have time to work, he is unconscious as can be expected, but we must cover him with silver which is for energy, for he will need a tremendous amount of energy. His higher self will take this energy and start using it to work on his physical during the operation – it will make the healing process quicker. Verna – I still seem to be getting his colon, intestines, there is a problem there, I can see what it is but I keep getting his intestines, can you see?. They seem to be almost severed in one place. Geoff – Yes, what you have to do, it is the beginning of the main intestine, you must put your hand inside the intestine, the same way as you would darn a sock, then pull the skin closed, it is a ragged cut, and what you must do is lift the lower portions of the intestine, the flap and put it over the top portion and then press down, a bit like sealing an envelope. It will grow together like that, very raggedly but you have stopped further damage by infection, and the contents of the intestines spilling out into the lower abdomen area. So it will grow together and it will look untidy but nobody will see, and in a few months it will be perfectly normal and function normally. Just press down and let it seal together. Yes, and he goes off, we have left a lot of silver with his higher self, and the higher self will continue the work while he is in the operating theatre, and off he goes. I have also just seen that his right hip was damaged, but it is too late to do anything about that, they will correct it when they have time.

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