Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening



In this next meditation (1991) we are sensing energies.  I am being shown various situations and the guide channeling through Miriam is White Feather. Geoff:     Now, I’m getting something unusual.  It looks like huge African drums buried in….somewhere.  It’s a funny picture that I’m seeing.  It’s a row of houses and buried in the front gardens are these huge – they look like African drums but I think they are chemicals – chemical bombs for warfare. Miriam (White Feather)     Yes. Geoff:     Drums of chemicals – toxic gasses and so on.  It immediately makes me think of Iraq but let me see what I can see.  I saw a Japanese soldier down there a minute ago.  The Japanese soldier died towards the end of the Second World War, and it is him that has asked me to come and see these chemical drums. After the war he didn’t want to pass over because he saw what he had done, and did not feel good about it so he’s been helping people in similar situations ever since.  These drums I’m sure are in Iraq – they were buried….. Miriam (White Feather)     They are. Geoff…and houses built on them, and they were buried in a hurry without proper precautions, and they will begin to leak, and begin to leak very, very soon.  It’s going to cause a lot of deaths.  I mean a lot and Hussein of course will try and cover it up.  What we must do is use the group energy to make the good people in that area move. Miriam (White Feather)     Yes, you must get them to move. Geoff:     Now, there is no way I can do this on my own, so I will set up a “signpost” if you like, to collect energy, and what I will put in the minds of the people – in the minds of the good people – is the nasty feeling that I’m getting of having these chemicals below me.  It’s a feeling of – fear – no, not fear, but something horrible and something nasty. Miriam (White Feather)     A feeling of terror. Geoff:     Bad vibrations – and the people will begin to feel this vibration in the area which will make them move, so they’ve got a few months – five or six months so they’ve got time to move out so I will set up this signal that energy is needed here, and I will create this thought in this area, that the good people must feel this bad vibration and want to get out of there – which they will do in the next few months.  When other energy is available the person who is in charge of that country – again a gardener of the earth who looks after the group – he will decide when more energy is needed, and he will then take it from the “basket” and direct it there and it will automatically go through what I’ve set up and become the image that I’ve set up so this will continue.  Should it not be effective enough with what I’ve created, or should the drums maybe deteriorate sooner and they people aren’t out, then the gardener of the earth will instruct one of his lower people to find somebody else to create another energy signpost to do the job more effectively.  He can’t do it because he only uses spiritual energy but he will direct – and either I will be called back or others to cleanse the area… Miriam (White Feather)     There will be others who will also do the same thing – not just for that area but for other areas, and now you know how useful it is to have these things put in a basket to be used when possible. Or if you express a wish it to go anywhere special then it is taken to that place.  But if it is put in a basket then they use it at their discretion. Geoff:     That’s excellent.  What I’ve made is a very basic creation and, as you say, there will be many other people there over the months that will create their own creations but gradually the job will get done.  It’s very good. Miriam (White Feather)     And now I think you have done enough for one evening, and not an evening where I expected to come, for I understood you to have been going away for the weekend … Geoff:     Yes, that’s right. Miriam (White Feather)     …..But I heard the call that you were not and I came and I am very glad you were able to experience, and see as much as you what you have done. Geoff:     Thank you. Miriam (White Feather)     It gives us great joy when you accept. Geoff:     I’m glad you made me see an experience as well.  That goes for all of us. Miriam (White Feather)     And it is always such a joy to come here and draw on the energy from your father.  It saves us from bringing extra energy ourselves which we often have to do in groups where there are no energy givers, because there are not as many as you think.  It will be nice if there was an energy giver in each group but that is not so, and it saves us a lot of trouble and we thank you for that.

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