Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening


CALLIPERS – 1990   By Geoff – Now we have David in his callipers and a teacher with him. When David chose this life, he knew that he would be crippled for life from the age of five and would have to exist on his mind and his character. He has been given a very strong and happy character. And he will teach others to cope with the handicap that they have, his life will be basically a very happy one, because of the understanding and help that he can give to others. His higher self is here to ask us to give encouragement to David over the next few years because he is at the age where it is difficult for him to understand and although he has a quiet temperament, he is frustrated and annoyed that he cannot play with other children. Only as his life progresses will he be shown his true path in life, and will begin to understand it. While this change over takes place over the next three years, he will need a lot of encouragement to go through this period without getting depressed and unhappy. You were laughing at his higher self, knowing that this was going to happen. Verna – Yes, and also he has been here three times, or this is his third time, and the first two times till having free will he wouldn’t show himself, and as I said three times, he said three years and he thought this was funny. Geoff – David’s higher self will attach itself to this circle, and several times over the next three years the higher self will draw energy from the circle and pass though to David, or give us various instructions or requests to help. But in the next few years he will be attached to this circle, and therefore draw the energy he needs to progress with his life the way that he intended. This is not by any means taking the easy way out, for the age that he is now, he is not mature enough to make the right decisions, and therefore is allowed help from his higher self and others. To take him to the beginning of the path that he has chosen. His higher self gives thanks and agrees as does the teacher with him, and they will sit and watch the rest of the circle and return when the need arises and everybody is happy.    

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