Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening



In this session Verna is doing the healing and the guide channeling through Miriam is Dr. Paul. Verna: And they have brought me another child who has fallen and grazed his knees, but quite badly, well, in fact they’re grazed – oh, quite badly – the face is grazed too. Apparently he fell off his bicycle or something and the children have brought this little one. Miriam (Dr Paul) That is nice. Verna: And the mouth is split – the lip, and there’s no real damage. Miriam (Dr Paul) No Verna: It’s just really to calm the child down because they couldn’t stand the crying. Miriam (Dr Paul) And they’re never far away from the – well, certain ages are never far away from the healing sessions. Verna: And if we wrap a pink blanket around for love and security, the children just want the child to calm down. There’s no damage really. I mean, it’s very painful what he’s got… Miriam (Dr Paul) I think they have a little toy. Verna: I see one trying to give him a sucker but he changed his mind when I said the lip’s split. So they changed their mind about the sweet because this one – there’s damage to the one tooth which has split the lip. Miriam (Dr Paul) So they have something else to give. Verna: They have a tiny little bunny toy. I think it’s a bunny. Miriam (Dr Paul) Yes, it is a bunny. Verna: I nearly said teddy bear and I got, “no, bunny”. Miriam (Dr Paul) That’s right. Verna: And they were going to give him…..there was a pink one then they decided it was a little boy, so they’ve made it blue. Miriam (Dr Paul) I saw blue too. Verna: Well, I said pink and he’s a little boy so they said look….and now they’ve made it blue. Miriam (Dr Paul) They are quite happy now. They are quite pleased that they can help in some way. Verna: And now they are leaving and they give us lots of love. Miriam (Dr Paul) And I think you have done very well indeed, very well, Verna: Thank you Miriam (Dr Paul) And maybe next time I come there will be more of you – the four of you – but you are doing so well that it will not be so very long before you can do all of this without any doctors nearby at all, although there will always be some within call should they be needed.

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