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Category: The Change Pre 2022

Financial crash 2008

SEPTEMBER CHANGES 2008.   By At the beginning of the year I was shown a graph that had huge fluctuations coming in September. I assumed

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THE CHANGE: April 2011

THE CHANGE: The next 2 steps. April 2011  By Recap: In early 2010 we told you of the extreme weather coming – Floods, Fires,

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The Change – August 2011.

The Change – August 2011.   By So far quite a year with the separation of everything into one side or the other. The separation

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CHANGES – PLIA FROM PLUTO   By Plia is a regular and very advanced visitor that lives physically on the planet Pluto (Hard to believe

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CLEANSING OF THE EARTH – 1994    By The tenses in this article are wrong in several places – the entity channels about the

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