Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening



Plia is a regular and very advanced visitor that lives physically on the planet Pluto (Hard to believe but true) and mostly channels through Miriam. In this meditation Plia is telling us about “Engineering” plants and crops for future use. March 1998. Miriam (Plia) – Greetings to you Luke – Welcome Miriam (Plia) – Thank you, I am sorry I kept you waiting a while, I have had quite a distance to travel although I can travel much quicker than you can. For I have returned to you from Pluto, and yes I am back in the physical living in that little corner, where I have had many lives, this time I thought I would tell you a little more of what it is like living there. When I say small, of course it is not such a small area, but in comparison with the whole then it is, but there is this barrier around that prevents any communication from reaching us from, let us say your earth, your telescopes, we are well protected from prying eyes, let’s put it that way, and that is because we have work to do that will in the future be a great benefit to mankind. Now I can see this lady (Miriam) thinking well what can you do now, but there is much to be done in the future, not in your lifetime, but later. The world is in such a dreadful state that it will be necessary to cultivate areas that have never been cultivated before, it will be necessary to educate people and quickly, in making the best use of the facilities around them, in order that they can survive, for there will not be the time for them to go and spend many years learning, if they wish to continue to survive as the species that you are. There will be many pockets that will be extremely difficult if not impossible for transport of any kind that will be available to reach them. And therefore they have to learn to make the best of the ground around them and what is available. We are in a position to know exactly what that will be, and we are experimenting with different ways of cultivating that they can use in order to survive. Of course we can just put our minds to it and put an idea and it would be there, but that would no use to those who are left behind. They have to have the idea given to them, which it will be as if they had an inspiration and they will be able to cultivate and use things that they never dreamt would be possible that would be used for eating purposes. That is one of our tasks. We also have to find ways of providing medicinal plants that will grow in any certain areas, you could say really that people in those times, will be going back many, many years in civilisation when they have to learn to live off the land. So that is what we are doing, finding out what will grow in certain areas and we have our area divided off and of course we are able to create the right temperatures the right facilities and the right environment of the terrain, in order that we can try, see what grows, and then we will be able to continue when the time is right. And of course having the power that we have, we do not have to wait for a year for anything to mature and grow from seed to seed, we can hasten the progress. And in this way things that are not successful will soon be cast aside or be transferred perhaps to another area where they will survive. There will also be the problem of what to eat from animals and from the sea, this also has to be taken into consideration, and this progress in the sea has been going on for some time. In the depth of the ocean where we can conduct this experiment without anyone knowing, for the ocean is many, many miles deep, I say miles but many, many miles deep and cannot be found by any of your ships, also they are in caverns so vast that your radar could not find them, and the experiment with the marine creatures has been going on for some time. For the land animals then there will be very few of the larger animals to begin with, and we will be concentrating only on those which will be edible for human consumption. But we also have to take into consideration the cycle of life for what would these creatures live on to survive as they must. And what would they be in the chain reaction that wants to feed off them. So we have quite a task ahead of us we have been doing this for some time now and it will continue until the time is right and ready to be used. Before that happens we shall be transferring some of these, let us say some of this stock, on to certain areas of your earth, and watching, just a little, but watching to see how it survives because don’t forget your earth is polluted now and once there are so many disasters, then it will be polluted so much more. So we shall continue our experiments in certain areas that are quite uninhabited at the moment, or rather very scarcely inhabited, and in this way it should be possible to bring everything that we have tried, forward and be able to be used very quickly. Now you may think well why has this to be done quickly. But there are people who have to be saved, not by bringing them into the spirit world, but by bringing them forward in their knowledge in order that they can help other people and be in a position to pass on that knowledge so much quicker. There are of course many who will be brought straight into the spirit world, and they will be helping from our side as you say by sending tremendous power to where it will be needed most, whether it be for the people or for the land itself. Now I am telling you this but you have no fear that this is going to happen in your lifetimes, you will of course experience catastrophes on the earth before you pass into spirit, but I am talking now of the biggest catastrophe of all when the oceans and the earth will be moving to a greater extent than even what you have been told. But the earth will remain and it will be, it will be good for many years because people will come to their senses and realise, well they will be thankful for what they have, they will realise that material things mean nothing. And the spiritual growth from then on will be at a much greater speed than it is at the moment, for they will work once again with the earth and nature and the air will be cleaner. And I will not say that there will not be fighting, there will be because there will be jealousy from one pocket of people to another when they see and like now they want what others have got. But it will only be a temporary measure, when they realise that working together what one has they can exchange for something that another has. There will be such tremendous changes in transport and there will also be more changes and much more advancement in telepathy for the senses will be sharpened on those who have the ability and it will increase at a much greater rate than it is at the moment, a much greater rate. For there will be such vast areas where there is no contact between people and no transport, so the mind will be stretched and of course it is during this time that those who are in spirit and have chosen to pass over for the specific purpose of helping these more advanced souls, to stretch and use all their brain power in order to grow so much quicker spiritually. I have here your uncle Sam who also does a great deal of experimenting in his garden and he has asked if he may join us to see what we are doing, well he will be able to do that for his work is very essential, I say very essential, it is not as essential as ours in that it will be needed for catastrophes, but it is essential for progress and re-growth of what is lost in your nature and what can be replaced so he is coming to us for a while to see what we are doing. For there are some things that he will be able to use with his mind in order to help on with what he is doing. He is of course a very keen gardener, but he is more than a gardener, how shall I put it, he is an engineer of what is growing and that is much better than an ordinary gardener, for he has to have a plan and think of that plan and work it out, as he said you will know. That is what engineering is, and he is an engineer gardener, that is his work, not mine but I think it is very, very apt for what he does, and for what we are doing, so we shall have great pleasure in letting him see what we do. I have asked him if he wishes to say anything to you, and he says not this time, but he will say something in the future. Now I think I shall bid you goodbye, thank you for listening, thank you for having the faith, let us say, that I am really what I say and I shall be back again and tell you what else we do apart from this engineering, for we do not spend our whole time doing this, we do have recreation and we do have, no I shall leave that for another time. Luke – Bless you, and thank you for coming        

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