Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening


In this meditation we are talking about emotions and the guide talking to me through Miriam is White Feather. Geoff:     I’m in a small town in modern day America, and what I’m looking at is a fence around a monument.  There’s a gravel path that is well tended – a well-tended garden.  The monument itself looks like the shape of a double decker coffin, and made out of stone.  The stone has a shiny surface, and there are inscriptions on the front.  I think it is a war memorial.  The memorial is – has – not nice vibrations around it.  It is a sad place to go and visit.  Mostly because the people that go there from both sides – the grieving people, and the spirit that return to that memorial, feel sorrow and grief when they get there. And this is, of course, left as a vibration in the area. Instead of it feeling a place of sort of respect and honor and tradition and so on, it feels sad, and disappointing and unhappy.  This sort of vibration is a very strong one.  Obviously it is not as strong a vibration as love, and the love vibration can wipe out the sad vibration. But this doesn’t happen too often, and consequently a lot of these memorials are very sad places whereas they shouldn’t be.  The vibrations left there are actually created by man – it has nothing to do with spirit. I’ve gone to a military graveyard where there are just rows and rows of white head stones, for military personnel who have died in the war, and the bodies are brought back, mainly from overseas wherever they have died to be buried there.  Of course, in the majority of cases, spirit left the bodies before the physical remains were shipped back to this graveyard, and spirit doesn’t often return to that graveyard because, it will settle in on the other side for several months.  When it first ventures back it will go back to the place where it died, which is most common, and secondly to relatives and so on.  It is only if relatives visit the graveyards sort of at the six months period when they go back that the spirits actually go back to the graveyard to see where their remains are, so it’s not really important to them. Miriam (White Feather)      There is a special reason for you to be there? Geoff:     Oh, welcome. Miriam (White Feather)      This is White Feather. Geoff:     If you could change the vibration that was there, the attitude of the people who would go there would change.  They would pick up this new vibration and take it back with them and whenever they discussed the visit, they would discuss it in a different manner. Miriam (White Feather)      Yes. Geoff:     Instead of being sad and unhappy, they would be full of pride and honor and more well-being. Miriam (White Feather)      Much better. Geoff:     To do this is not too difficult.  It’s just a matter of literally blanketing the area with white light to cleanse the unhappy vibrations, and then fill it full with a soft pink which is a love vibration, which also has its pride, or encompasses pride.  Therefore, it feels a lot lighter, vibration to visit. Miriam(White Feather)      There will be many such places that you can see in today’s travels and you can just send out those same thoughts without waiting to see if they have sad….. Geoff:     Yes. Miriam (White Feather)      ……..vibrations for they generally do.  But if you send out the love and the happiness and the pride, it will be reached and it will go there and make it much better.  It is a little something you can all do now. Geoff:     Yes, it’s very good. Miriam (White Feather)      Cemeteries too.  If you are passing, the same thing applies. Geoff:     All right.

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