Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

CHANGING MINDS 1991 By SpiritualDictionary

Geoff – Yes, I have always seen Irene in one particular way, what I am seeing now is a lady in the war, with a brown army uniform on and the hair is very puffed out and sort of goes back, very nice face, I get the name Gloria Swanson, maybe that is the type of style or whatever. Now I go inside a huge warehouse, and Irene is with me and it is in the war, and there are lots of machines, engineers, welders holding torches, very, very high. What they are making looks like cross between a mine and a bomb. Maybe ten foot long, three foot thick, shaped like a bomb, it has those buttons on like a mine does. Miriam (Guide) – A torpedo? I am not sure. Geoff – It doesn’t really look like a torpedo, I know what all of that looks like, some form of a bomb. Around the tail of the bomb you can reach inside to arm it. Anyway there are women in overalls, it is a factory that Luke used to work at, and I can see you standing there with your hands in your pockets. Looking at this thing. This is really big, what is this, a shell I am seeing? Luke – It is a barrel. Geoff – No, no this thing is short. Luke – Short? Geoff – It is about six to eight foot long, about three foot thick, shaped like a bomb, got buttons all over it, like a mine, and you reach in the back to time it, it think this has something to do with time. Miriam (Guide) – It is, and now you must work it out. Geoff – This was a prototype being built there and it was awful. Luke looked at it one day and just shook his head. Irene was there and she said it was awful, I think what we are doing is, we are changing the minds of the people who are building it, we are changing their mind. Miriam (Guide) – And what they were both doing was in astral, trying to influence from astral. Geoff – Right, the people that were building it, there is a McGregor there, the designer, just trying to see what it is, what I am seeing is very strange, it is like a huge circular platform, like you would base a gun on and it moves, and it would fire this huge shell but it would have a very short barrel, almost an open barrel, and they would fire it into the sea, that was the thought behind it, but that is not relevant at this stage, what was relevant is that if this thing was created, there would have been an accident in this munitions factory, and very simply through this prototype, now they have an awful lot of security and safety features and so on, but somehow if they had succeeded in making this prototype it would have exploded and caused a chain reaction, and changed a whole lot of things. Miriam (Guide) – You are quite right, you have it. And how do you think that they came to be working on this in astral? Can you pick that up? Doesn’t matter if you can’t because you have done the main thing. Geoff – Luke was used, his sense of what is right and wrong was appealed to by his guides, and he was shown this and using earthly vibrations obviously had a lot more effect. Now Irene, yes the same sort of thing, the sense of what is right and wrong, sort of good old-fashioned standards where there is no grey area. And once she is shown this or told this in astral she wanted to help as well, so they both ended up there along with others of course. Miriam (Guide) – Yes you have it, I hoped you would pick it up. Geoff – I will just explain the area that I am in, just in case Luke can recognise some of it. Coming in the main entrance are these huge sliding doors, very, very big, then there is sort of a huge “L” going off to the right and a little bit to the left. There is a main office on the right hand corner just opposite where this prototype was being made. It also seems to be right next to the docks, very close to the main river there, and that’s about it. Miriam (Guide) – That was very good. It is a pity Irene could not remember where she had been tonight. Geoff – She can’t remember? Miriam (Guide) – No, because she is in astral, she can’t recollect when she awakens, you have not as yet, she will not remember. Geoff – Irene, but Irene is dead. Miriam (Guide) – Irene? No. Geoff – Oh right, yes, I was thinking it was…..Lilian, Irene’s mother. Miriam (Guide) – That is why she was laughing I expect, she could read your thoughts.

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