Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening



This is a short one from one of our Astral healing meditations. Geoff:  There’s a woman. She’s standing outside an old house, and she wants to take us inside to see someone. It’s part of a terraced house and the wall has collapsed on to an old man. On top of the wall is a concrete lintel which is on this old man’s chest. There are bricks covering him from his chest downwards but the main problem is the concrete lintel on the chest. It’s crushing him and he cannot breathe. Now, before anybody arrives, because it’s very unusual that we should be doing this, just quickly pull him upwards a little so the concrete lintel is across his stomach and allows him to breathe. Put your hands under his arms and just pull him up a foot. At the same time while you are doing that, we can cheat a little and put a couple of bricks under the concrete lintel so it’s not so heavy on he’s stomach. The neighbours are rushing in – he will be quite alright. He’s got cuts and bruises but nothing serious. His left knee is broken or fractured but he will not die. He was actually suffocating – just suffocating because he couldn’t breathe. The old woman is very happy. She is laughing in a way – she’s his guide and she knows that we shouldn’t do this sort of thing, but in this case it was acceptable. She’s like holding her skirt kicking her feet almost like dancing. Very happy she is. She is saying “Okay you go on now – everything is under control – it’s all alright, he will be fine”. We must go and she will stay and look after him until everything’s okay. The main reason we couldn’t do that is because – well, somebody could have seen. He himself could have been conscious…, everything is karma – It actually shouldn’t have happened. In this case it just went a little wrong, so it was sort of acceptable. The “Management” if you like will turn a blind eye, because it was not really serious but she says “Just ignore it” and forget you ever came. (Laughing)

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