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CHILDREN IN SPIRIT By The Spiritual Dictionary

In this meditation a regular guide called White Feather channels through Miriam. Miriam (White Feather) – Now you have had quite a chat tonight and it was decided upon because we saw what you were watching and Brighton is going to be a very bad place. That does not mean that you must stay away or not go through it, anytime, but not to stay. It is not the only place that is collecting the dregs of humanity, but it is one you have been told about. And one that has been confirmed by all the news that you have, but all over the world there are places like this, as it has been for many, many years where there have been disasters and large numbers of people have ended their lives, but they have chosen that particular ending and so it has to be. The children send their love and they say that one of these days you really are going to be surprised, I don’t know what they have in mind but you can count on it that it will be something that will give you a good laugh, for we love laugher too. And we have some very jolly celebrations and parties, for you can understand that children love a party, and they have so many different things to celebrate here, not just birthdays. But when people are going to a different environment within the spirit realm, and when they travel to other planets, or when they change direction for what they want to do, then we make any excuse to have a party of some kind. For many of them it is a farewell to a life that they know will be very difficult and the party is to stimulate the spiritual part of them that will sustain them through these difficult periods and the spirit children stay with them sometimes for quite a long time. Which is where many an adult thinks that they are talking to imaginary people, but you know that they are not imaginary now, they can see, they still have the power to see. So you see we have many, many parties. But that is not to say this is one long, happy go lucky party time, for if they do not do their lessons properly, then a punishment of sorts has to be given, not the stick, but there are many ways in which one can punish and still achieve the effect that one wants. It is a pity that adults before entering into wedlock and having children are not taught more of what to expect, because I think you yourself would agree that if you knew how to handle children and their problems it would be easier, but having said that if you knew more of guidance then karma would not always be fulfilled. So it has to be as it is now, trial and error, from each generation, and at the moment it is a lot of recovery from the era of the past twenty to thirty years when things have gone down. But it will recover for a lot of people that they will be able to help in some way, those who are beginning to see that there must be a better way of living, than this self gratification that has been going on. For many they will be able to help in the years to come as your family will help. For others it will just be a question of fulfilling their own karma, and progressing just that little bit more. Sometimes the children in spirit are able to help with those who are grieving and this is permitted if it helps the child who is in spirit to learn for the life that they will be taking on in a short while. We are permitted leeway in certain things and this is one of the ways in which the children can help, and it is a task that they undertake to do quite willingly, and never asked but it is quite spontaneous that they feel that they would like to help that particular person who is grieving so much, to give them the peace of mind and the knowledge that there is another life beyond what they can see, not that they are given the knowledge that you have, but just a feeling, a calmness from within that awakens up the knowledge that they did have when they were is spirit and have forgotten. And they are so pleased these children, so very pleased, and we are too, for as I say it is quite spontaneous and never asked for. Now I think you have had enough for one evening and I am glad to say it was a little bit easier talking through this lady than it was the last time. She is a lot clearer. And I say goodnight and God bless you and it will not be long before I am back again. Luke – Bless you        

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