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In this meditation, as usual I am experiencing the lesson and a Guide is channeling through Miriam. Geoff: I’m in an underground shelter of some sort and there are a lot of children here. It’s mainly made out of wood and there are a lot of props to hold up the ceiling and it’s Yugoslavia. Miriam (Guide) That is right. Geoff: There are a lot of spirit mothers here looking after the children. This underground shelter was built by a group of parents. The children were put down there….. yes – during the day the children were put down there, because of snipers and various other bits and pieces, and they got used to playing down there every day while the adults went about their work upstairs. There were three families involved. The three families were killed leaving the children down there with no one to look after them. The houses were then ransacked and then the troops moved on leaving these kids down there, and that’s why the spirit mothers are down there. What they need is to get somebody to let the children out, or look after them. There is a girl of about ten and there are four or five children at the back, all younger. What we’ve got to do is break a hole in the roof, and then get the ten year old girl to open it wider – and then get out to go and see what is going on. They cannot get out the way they were put in, which was through a trap door in one of the houses, as it is now covered with rubble. I can see where the roof is thinnest – there is little earth above the roof – and all I’ve done is broken away a strip of wood so the earth falls through, and the kids can see the daylight, and they will think that it is just natural. We are all putting in the child’s mind, the ten year old girl’s mind, that she must now open up this hole further, and bring the steps over from where they came in and put them here, and get out and see what’s happened to the family. And put in her mind that everything is well overdue, must be wrong, and so on. Miriam (Guide) Very good. Geoff: The children as well – I’ve left a lot of love there, and upliftment, because when they get out and find what has happened to their parents they’re going to need that, and also strength to carry on for the next few days until they are found and looked after. Miriam (Guide) But they will be found. They will be looked after. Do you wish to linger there? Geoff: No, I was just talking to the three spirit mothers who said that everything will be fine. I was questioning why they don’t do that and, of course, got an immediate answer that they need earth vibrations to create that much energy – besides, it’s experience for me. But if anything is needed they can always call on other people like myself to assist, and guides and so on. Alright, I’ll leave that one. I’m going over the area now. I’m picking up a feeling from the area – a feeling of a sort of numbness. There’s been this war, and this fighting – so basically everybody wants to get back to a peaceful existence, but the fighting has created more and more anger, and that anger must have an outlet before people can get back to living a peaceful life. And one of the outlets for anger is atrocities, such as the concentration camps and mass murders. And when this anger is used up on something like this, say a mass grave then, thereafter, the people see what has been done and then they will want a peaceful existence. Miriam (Guide) That is it. That is what they must do – they must rid themselves of all the anger within them. Geoff: But to do that means taking lives and all sorts but….. Miriam (Guide) It does. Geoff: ….. It brings it to a head, so that peace can come thereafter. Miriam (Guide) Not a happy note on which to finish but I think you have done enough for this evening, and I think you have done very well. Geoff: Thank you, yes, a very interesting night. Miriam (Guide) Very interesting the lives you have led. Very interesting. And I think another night we have to see what lives your father has had. I will not promise but we shall see. Geoff: Yes, that would be interesting. Thank you.

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