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CLAIRVOYANCE    By Verna Hindmarch

Seeing beyond the range of normal human vision – known as extrasensory perception.
Clairvoyants are often called Mediums meaning the message or Sensitives meaning perception through senses or Psychics meaning all of the above. Many years ago we were known as Seers. Every soul on earth incarnates with the ability to achieve this level of awareness. To be a good clairvoyant, if you have not received a natural flair for it, one would need to have patience, meditate, practice and have faith. You are a natural clairvoyant to a certain degree and with patience and faith one can enhance this phenomenon that lies within us all. The degree of your awareness is entirely up to you and your will to achieve. More inner peace than you could possibly imagine enters your body, mind and soul through prayer meditation. Clairvoyance takes place (or should take place) in God’s light and with prayer. Many churches have members who have visions but they do not carry the label of clairvoyant and so it is said that they work in God’s light. There is no defense or judgment in this statement. The simple fact is that a good medium has to work and always will work in God’s light. Mediums have their individual way of how to receive their messages. Tea cup readings, palm readings, tarot cards, automatic writing and psychometry (holding an object belonging to their client and receiving the objects energy) are the most common. I hear voices (clairaudience) and am shown pictures (clairvoyance) with emotions attached to both and so „sense’ and „feel’ the message that is being given to me. That is my medium. Although I have used tarot cards, psychometry and automatic writing the way I work feels more comfortable for me. Mediums simply ‘connect’ to spirit in a variety of ways to receive messages. Tea cup readings, palm readings, tarot cards, automatic writing and psychometry are all tools used to connect with the spirit world. Automatic writing: A pen/pencil is held in the medium’s hand so a spiritual guide may use your energy and may even put their hand in yours to begin writing out a message. Psychometry: Everything has an energy field to it and a client may well bring me a ring or a watch to hold. The energy from the object is then felt and if the ring belonged to a grandmother her energy would be felt and a message would come through. Clairaudience: The words given to the medium by a spirit guide would be heard the same way as you hear words in a dream state. If you close your eyes and imagine someone is saying something to you, you are using clairaudience. Clairvoyance: Close your eyes and visualise a family member walking towards you to show you a beautiful bunch of flowers. You „see’ the picture in your mind’s eye and you feel an emotion connected to the beauty of the flowers. When any of these „mediums’ are used there is always an emotion attached so the clairvoyant can interpret the meaning of the picture or the words. Negative readings: Never go to a medium who has not been recommended to you or unless you know that he or she works in God’s light. Negative messages can come through from naughty spirits. A client of mine experienced just that! She was told that her sister would die in a car crash within the next three months. Do you really believe that God would give that message to a soul on earth? NO! She never told me why she had come to see me and my message was that her sister needed to get her tires checked on her car. That was all! A year has gone by and her sister is very much alive today! She never got into a car or went to work for three months and lost her job in the process. No good clairvoyant will tell you of your death – God just does not work that way! Clairvoyance is not a gift as some say mediums are blessed with but rather a natural part of every soul. It is not anti-religious. It is your connection with spirits that have passed over, God, the universe and your higher self. We all, each and every one of us, have this sense of awareness within us but it would be a chaotic world if we all were able to use it to its fullest capacity at all times. That would mean all being at the same level of awareness and take away the good and nasty opposites of life. How would we ever learn life’s lessons? It would defeat the object of incarnation as we need to experience and live the specific chosen paths of our souls. I guarantee that you, in some way you have had a spiritual experience of some kind. Your inner voice creating an awareness or feeling about something or someone that left you saying: I knew we should not have done that, or I knew we should not have come here, or I had a feeling about him or her.  

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