Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening



Miriam (Jojo) – Hi, my name is Jojo. Geoff – Welcome Jojo. Miriam (Jojo) – I wasn’t sure if I was going to say anything this evening, but I have decided to, and this lady first of all thought it was going to be some children. But not so although I have a lot to do with the children and they are saying that the spirit mum is too busy enjoying herself to contact them lately. But they know that she is having a lovely time and she does meditate when she goes to bed and is awake enough, not every night, but she does. You have just been told about one of the things that the children do, and there are so many other things that they do, for like children the world over they will copy what the adults do, and if we see that they are really persistent and wanting to learn perhaps a bit of healing or just a little bit of comfort, like for those children you have been told about or even those that are in a coma. They can get in touch with the spirit of that person and talk to them, so at least you can know they are not neglected, when you see those that are unable to communicate with those on earth, for one reason or another, then please remember that there is always somebody with them while their spirit is being released, it is not always released from the body for that to be possible, as it is not always possible that you go astral traveling, when you sleep. But when it is possible then there is always someone there. So may that bring you a little comfort, and may you pass that comfort on to anyone you may know who is in the position of watching a loved one, or a friend or acquaintance and their heart goes out and they wonder what they can do. Apart from sending love, tell them what we tell you and it will help. And I also add my blessings to this circle, and may it go from strength to strength for the love that abounds from here is tremendous. And do not think, young man on my right (Luke) that because you are not channeling, and because you are not having any communication that you know of, that is not so, when you are asleep, it may seem like sleep to those that are here, but it is not really. We just take you, that you may progress on our side as you have been all along, and the day will come when you will be able to communicate in one form or another. It is not everyone that wants to talk and talk, like those who channel, there are many different ways, so we will find one eventually, and now I shower you with God’s blessings and we know that you will remember the trials and tribulations that are going on in the world, you will remember those over your Christmas festivities, and your thoughts will go out to those you know are in need, as we know they do every time you meditate. And those thoughts when they come direct from the heart are tremendous help. And this is Jojo, and I shall be back again do not worry, I have enjoyed my little chat. Geoff – We have enjoyed having you. Miriam (Jojo) – This is a very good circle, and will grow well, and you will enjoy yourself, now I really will be off, God bless you all, our lovely, lovely children.  

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