Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening


In this meditation (1992) Spirit are showing me some scenes in Astral. Luke Senior is providing additional energy and one of the Guides is channeling through Miriam, to clarify what I see. Geoff:     I’m in an area, which is in Spirit. It’s an African scene. The ground around and the hills are beautifully cultivated. Every square inch of ground is perfectly planted with vegetables — fruits and vegetables. As far as you can see it is immaculate — perfectly grown. It couldn’t be better. Tending all these vegetables are Ethiopians who have died of starvation and they’re showing me this through showing me their figures as they were last on Earth — very skeletal and so on. On the other side, of course, they don’t need this food. But what they are doing is they are — as we were discussing the other day, visualizing and creating fruits and vegetables and they’ve got them so perfect that the cabbage that they create will pass for cabbage on Earth. This is their way of helping the right people in the area that they used to live on Earth. Ethiopia, Somali and, so on, where there are so many starving and where there are important cases — where it is important that the leaders or the right sort of people for the future must survive physically, this group of guys will transfer so many vegetables down to them to materialize on earth, so that they do not starve. And the vegetables actually materialize. They don’t grow. Yes, they do grow, sorry, but they grow very rapidly. And it is these guys that are creating them. They’re not growing in the soil in Ethiopia, which would take forever. It starts as a seed and these guys actually create them on earth through Spirit. Miriam:     And can you see that being done now? Geoff:     Yes. They’re doing it for the right sort of people, but they’ve got vast fields of — yes, they’ve got vast fields of vegetables which will be — which can be used — which will be used at a later date, when it becomes necessary. Miriam:     At a later date. Geoff:     Yes, there is a lot going to happen. Miriam:          A lot of preparation is being done. Geoff:     Yes. And what I’m seeing is unbelievable. It’s not just one field, but as far as I can see. There are millions of fields behind it, stretching into infinity — all created and tended and getting ready for when it is needed. The quantities are vast. Because for them to create, although, you can — one person can create. They can only create a certain amount. I mean, you can only do a certain amount of things. They are learning to create, practicing, so their creations become quicker. But instead of producing one cabbage at a time, they produce one field of cabbages at a time. Miriam:     Yes. Geoff:     And then one square mile of cabbages at a time and so on. Miriam:         It takes a lot of energy and a lot of skill. Geoff:   Yes it does. And they’re showing me now the story about the loaves and the fishes. Now, when that was created, it was not a matter of five thousand fishes were created and everybody grabbed one. They each came forward and took it out of a basket and every time they put their hand in the basket there was another fish there. Miriam:     That is so. Geoff:     It was just creating one after the other. Miriam:     That’s nice to know, isn’t it? Geoff:     Now, this ties up — these Ethiopians who are creating, ties up with the guy we met the other night in Norway. Miriam:     Yes. Geoff:     When I start working at that stage, I must know about this. Miriam:     You must know. Yes. Geoff:     Very good. And, again, these guys have got beautiful smiles. Laughing. They’re happy that I’ve learned it and they’ve made another connection and put another link in this enormous chain. Miriam:     Another link in the golden chain. Geoff:     Yes, and it will be stored in my memory and not forgotten. When the time comes, it will be utilised. Miriam:     Yes. And I think that is a very happy note in which to end. Geoff:     Yes. A magical evening, as always. It is all these little bits that add up. Miriam: All the little experiences that one has to go through, but it has been enjoyable. I know I have enjoyed it and I’ve enjoyed watching you learn each little thing. Geoff:     Yes that’s right. And thank you for that.

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