Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening


In this astral healing meditation a guide called John is channeling through Miriam, with Geoff and Verna assisting. (September 1990) Verna – All I have got in front of me is half an arm, part of an arm, and the elbow. Geoff – Is it a human bone? Verna – No. Geoff – The creature I have in front of me is……it is almost as if he is talking through me. Verna – It is almost like a dinosaur standing on his back two legs, except not that big. Miriam (John) – Do you think it could be something from another planet? Geoff – Yes it is, but I do not see what Verna sees, the person I am seeing is as a human but the flesh is far more pink and very translucent. Miriam (John) – He is from under the earth, does that help you. Geoff – Yes, because he lives in perpetual darkness, but first we must fix his arm. He is very good at communication and is standing just to my left and his arm is in front of Verna. It has been torn off between the elbow and the shoulder. Verna – By another species I think. Geoff – Which is what you see. Verna – Okay, because I don’t see the body, I just see the head, you know a dinosaur has got that long…. well I think it is a dinosaur…. Geoff – It is this that has done the damage and he stands guard over the arm. Verna – Okay, I will send him away. Geoff – Yes and the arm is recovered. Verna – I have the arm. Geoff – And pushed towards me, he stands slightly to my left facing away from me, with his left stump towards you. Verna – I also have the herbs, and the arm, the herbs are wrapped in an enormous leaf, they are spread on this leaf, which is grown in abundance, the herbs will be wrapped around this arm once it is placed in position, which has been done, and will be left there for twenty one hours – their hours are different to ours, just remember twenty one. Geoff – Yes we will remember, we will not forget, but this man is made out of not what we consider flesh, although he says yes, it is a much weaker form of flesh because they live constantly without sunlight. It is similar to the flesh of a cross between a jelly fish and a person. Miriam (John) – Yes that is right, I am glad you picked that up, sorry I interrupted you. Verna – And that is why these herbs can mend the arm. Geoff – Yes so quickly, I have him in front of me now with the herbs on his arm, and I have wrapped him in a blanket and I sit and hold him now for comfort and security, which he understands so much, there is a lot of communication using the mind where he lives, which is in caves far beneath the earth, not too far, and they are wet, perpetually dark, there are many pools and rivers and the herbs and plants that grow there will only grow in a wet environment. Because they communicate through the mind, more often than not he has been able to contact us, not his higher self, for the stage that he is at, his higher self and physical is combined. And as he progresses and develops these will split into two to become spirit and physical as we know them. Because of his advancement he has been able to contact us, and in a way it has like us learning about spiritualism and in the beginning it is too hard to believe and you must experience it, and what he is experiencing now is the utmost joy mixed with awe, I think is the best word to use, but he has accepted immediately, he can feel love and energy from the circle and he is very excited and happy.

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