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This one is Verna and I working together doing astral healing. There is a guide channeling through Miriam. Guide: You will not believe what you are seeing, but let me tell you that it is quite right. Verna: The only thing I’m seeing is a crocodile. Guide: I said you would not believe. Verna: Just a crocodile and…. Guide: But hasn’t the crocodile got something in its mouth that you must take away? Verna: A thorn? Guide: Yes. Verna: I’m glad I’m doing this with meditation. Guide: You will come to no harm. Verna: There’s a little white thorn stuck in the top of the left-hand side of his mouth. If he’s facing us it’s on the left-hand side. Just one big thorn but it can affect him, so ……. If Geoff and Dad can open his mouth. Geoff:  He knows – he will open for you. . Verna: Then I’ll put my hand in his mouth and gently pull the thorn out, and take some water in my hand which will be cleansed by spirit, and put it over the sore. I’ll do this a few times to disinfect it. Now he slides back into the water. It was a poisonous thorn. Guide: It was. Verna: He would have died Guide: Yes Verna: But now he won’t. He’ll just have a little sore there. Geoff:  But there is an extension to this. It’s for a reason that he had this thorn. There is a second part of the healing to do. Verna: To save the crocodile? …. No, that’s not it Geoff:  There’s a little child lying to the right of the pool, at the water’s edge. And if you had not distracted that crocodile he would have eaten the child. Now the child is unconscious and he’s right on the water’s edge. He was put there by a tribe because the child was born with a deformity. I cannot clearly see what the deformity is but it’s like a helmet on the back of the child’s head – maybe an additional growth, bone or it may be something placed there by the tribe, but for some reason they came down and they left him by the water knowing full well this crocodile would take him. You have successfully distracted the crocodile. I can see you picking up this child by putting one arm under his neck, and you pick him up. Verna: I also think there is something wrong with his left leg. Geoff:  Yes. ………..The deformity at the back on the head is something which I can’t make out. Verna: Looks like an extra bone growing out. Guide: Yes, yes. And what will happen now that you have saved the child, what is the purpose. Guide: A special reason. Verna: The child has a very old spirit. Guide: Yes. Geoff:  Let’s see if you can answer it, Verna – I know the answer. Verna: The tribe were almost worshipping this child. Guide: Yes, yes, yes. That is what I wanted you to say. I wanted you to pick that up. Verna: Because it will have survived the ill fate of the crocodile. Guide: Now you see where your concentrating is getting you. Verna: Very hard to know. Guide: But it is a little extra each time – a little extra that you are doing. Verna: And the child’s mother didn’t want the child to be taken, and she will be absolutely ecstatic. Guide: Now she will be treated with respect. Geoff:  But there is more we can do for this child. As he is to be worshipped by the tribe, we can correct the deformity in his leg, which is very simple. The bone which is sticking out of the back of his head, we will make it die so that in a few weeks or a few months it will suddenly fall off. The tribe will see this as a spectacular sign. But first we must take the leg. As you hold him Verna, I will just hold his right ankle and pull slowly and if Luke can build up the muscle around the leg from the ankle up to just below the groin. Just imagine it is expanding and becoming normal. And at the same time the bone that is sticking out from the head where it joins the skull, we will kill the cells so that it becomes like a tree that is dying so that it will become as dry wood that will snap. And where it extends into the skull, kill those cells also so that eventually in a few weeks or a few months it will just snap off and the child will be normal. Guide: There is one more thing you can do for him if you both concentrate. Geoff:  To clear his mind. Verna: I’m getting water. ….cleanse with water. Guide: Yes, with water. Guide: That is a splendid job that you have done. Really difficult. The diagnosis was the difficulty. Unfortunately this tape was a little quiet but it was made in 89 and at that stage we didn’t realise these tapes would be used for teaching.

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