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CROOKED BACK   By SpiritualDictionary.com

In this meditation Verna and I are being brought patients in Astral, and a Guide is channelling through Miriam. Miriam (Guide)     Do they have someone special for you Verna? Verna:     Well, I have got that old lady that came once before with the bent back. Miriam (Guide)     Yes, she came especially for you. Verna:     She says we should remember her – she’s nearly a hundred – well, she’s in her nineties and she’s almost bent over double but she still has this job to do – she is still…. Miriam (Guide)     Yes, she will not be content until she has completed it. Verna:     She came to us once before with the pains in her back and just general old age, aches and pains and she wants us just to revitalise her again and work on her spine. Miriam (Guide)     It won’t be long now before she is with us.  Verna:     No, but she is very spiritual and she knows this.  She is actually listening to this whole conversation – she’s here with her guides and she actually sees them with her and nothing like this surprises her at all.  She is well aware of the fact that she is here. Miriam (Guide)     Yes, she is. Verna:     She has not been brought here on the astral plane but she remembers that she was brought here the first time and requested to come back. Miriam (Guide)     So, how will you give the energy she needs. Verna:     Oh, she just wants a lot of love and she loves the color red.  She’s asking for the color red. Miriam (Guide)     And then you should give it. Verna:     She wants it all around her back, and she says she knows how I feel.  She says at least my back is still straight and she’s laughing.  She tells us all to take care – she’s more concerned about us.  In the meantime if we can just spread the color red, which is her favourite color all along her spine, it will relieve some of the stiffness. Miriam (Guide)     It will. Verna:     She says, unfortunately it is not a mental ailment anymore – it is just simply old age and it will just release the stiffness.  She’s quite happy really – she just wants a little more energy to carry on and….. Miriam (Guide)     Wonderful soul. Verna….h and she’s toddling off now with her guide because she’s been here for quite a long time.  She was here before the boat accident. (Last meditation) Miriam (Guide)     Yes, she was and we wondered why you had not spoken up. Verna:     Well, I was just going to start and then the boat….and she said it was okay she can wait.  Hers wasn’t all that important and she was not in a hurry – she waves now and she goes.  



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