Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening

956 Crystal energies used to create balance.

Right, now back to a massive waterfall. This is getting more complicated. I`ve got a massive waterfall here and what it’s doing is picking up the energy from crystals into the back of the waterfall and taking it down the river. So that is combining a different energy. So, let’s just see where that goes. I follow it down the stream, I’m going to where we were before, this huge massive area with animals and so on, and the water running through it. It’s distributing crystal energy. For what reason?

S: The animals.

Lol, no you can tell me what the reason is. It’s the third energy we were discussing yesterday.

S: Air?

No, positive, negative and the third one is?


S: Balance

So, crystal energy gets into the water and is distributed to create balance, balance amongst the crystals. So, you can imagine all these crystals, all emanating a certain energy, just surrounding them, and as water flows over them, it will move it. Now, to me, I am thinking in rivers, that’s fine, but what happens in maybe a mountain, or the base of a mountain, where there is no water? and they are saying there is always water. There is water running underneath, literally everywhere. We see the water on the surface but we

S: Yeah, we don’t see the water under the surface.

That’s right, there are rivers everywhere. So that’s how the crystal energy is distributed. Now it doesn’t have to be covering all the crystals at once, it simply picks up the energy of the crystals from around the crystal. It could be, I don’t know, 500 meters away, but it picks up that energy and moves it. And there is always more crystal in the background, so that when water erodes a certain underground cave or whatever, it will eventually get to this crystal and that might take thousands or millions of years but the energy is always there and it’s always replenished. And therefore, it always moves around and circulates the balance.

So that’s what keep the earth balanced, and God there are so many energies. We are going to have to write an exam on this, lol.

S: Lol.

I mean, just to think of it. You have to go into your mind, the first one, the second one…

S: You actually have to get out of your mind.

Yeah. We are getting more and more every day. The spooks are laughing.

S: Gees, and I’ve covered so much balance today as well. And they ask, what is the third energy, and I don’t even get it. Lol. There is a network of water underneath Earth itself. Right under the surface of it, it is distributing energies to different areas, where it will obviously meet up where the water is flowing.


S: But you know we can walk on Earth, stand on Earth. And that’s why I say, take your shoes off and put your feet on Earth. You can feel it.

Quite right, you can feel it.

Now there’s one more thing. Just imagine the mountains on the earth, the hills on the earth. Lol.

There are no underground rivers up there. … there’s just rain. lol.

Okay let’s see what else we got.

You’ve always got mist around mountains as well, mist carries water, carries energies for the Earth.

S: I will never look at Earth the same.

No, amazing instead of looking up now, we are looking down.

S: And whenever I look up, it’s just planets. ……. I am just like breath, focus and I am connecting with the planets. And the planets charge Earth.

It’s all connected.

S: Basically.

I think tomorrow they might add dimensions as well. Lol. So now the picture is just getting bigger and bigger and bigger. Colours is the next energy we are going to do, I think.









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