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In this meditation made in 1992 Spirit is showing me different crystals. I am holding a discussion with a Guide channeling through Miriam called Dr Lee Chang.
Geoff: Is there a connection between the crystal I’m holding and my right eye. Guide: There is. Geoff: I am holding the top of this crystal, which is very sharp and pointed, and then I get a strong pain in my right eye. Is it because the energy of the crystal is coming through the points of the crystal? Guide: That is so. Geoff: And it is becoming a very strong fine line, which is coming through my right eye. Guide: And you were directed to pick up that crystal this evening. Geoff: Now the two eyes – the right is positive and the left is negative. So when you send that energy – I know it comes from your centers – your chakras and so on. I know it can come from your third eye but now the eyes? I hadn’t known it to come through eyes before. Guide: You are learning more every day. Geoff: So you can direct the energy as well. The right eye – I can understand what positive energy is. The left eye – negative energy – is not destructive energy – it is used for the good but it is what we term a negative energy like a storm is a negative energy. Guide: A neutralising one. Geoff: So the properties of this crystal which is amethyst I think. Guide: Yes, Amethyst it is. Geoff: Let me see if I can see what they are. Guide: You must look deep. Geoff: There is no soft energy here. It is all hard uniform energy. Guide: Yes. Geoff: It’s not an emotion that I would consider as soft energy. This is a particular form of a very hard energy force for specific things such as seeing through. If I wanted to see, as we were discussing yesterday, into a solid wall to see if there was a cave behind it, amethyst would give you a stronger power to do that – more uniform. Guide: Yes, it would. Geoff: Now, you don’t have to hold the amethyst. Guide: No. Geoff: What happens, simply because the amethyst is in the room, is that the energy for what you need would be directed to the amethyst, and then directly to whatever it was you were looking at. Guide: Yes. And these crystals will help you a lot for there is such a good selection here. Geoff: You have your favourite crystal, and you have the crystals, which feel good to you, and you know there is a very strong energy in them. These are crystals that are compatible to the ‘balance’ of your particular body. What will be compatible to me may not be compatible to you Guide: Quite right. Geoff: Although they all have good energies. So by finding a compatible crystal and that is why, when you feel crystals, some of them….you are attracted to the good ones for ‘like attracts like’. You are attracted to the ones that suit you. Guide: And it matters not that you three (Luke, Miriam and Geoff) all handle these crystals. Geoff: Because you can clean a crystal very simply with your mind, with white light, but even that is not essential. Guide: It is not essential with you. It is automatic when you do it. Geoff: Because when you pick up a crystal, because your feelings, your emotions and actions are correct ………therefore the crystal will automatically lend itself to be used for those correct actions. Guide: That is it. I’m glad you picked that up. Geoff: That’s very nice. Guide: There was doubt when they said we would direct you to pick it up. You have done it very well. Geoff: Thank you. Now, the other thing I see in the crystal is communication. Guide: Yes. Geoff: Giving you a clearer picture of being able to communicate with spirit. The ordinary quartz crystal is – there is a basic form of energy – the most common form of energy Guide: Yes Geoff: And can adapt itself to so many different things. This Amethyst will be termed as a specialist crystal. Guide: It will. Geoff: And as you get to know others, each one has its own properties, which you can use. The advantage of getting to know all the crystals is that you only have a certain amount of energy yourself, and when you draw an energy from guides and spirit, you disperse it to the best of your ability. But if you were au- fait with crystals you would disperse it by placing a variety of crystals in front of you to suit the energy that was going through you, and therefore the strength would be enhanced quite a bit. I can understand more now about crystal healing. I can see a person lying flat on her back with different crystals pointing in different directions towards her. Each crystal magnifies a certain type of energy, which can be used, when you understand, for healing. The basic crystals. If you had one at the head and one at the feet, both pointing upwards, it would bring a flow of energy – clean energy, unused energy – through the feet and into the body. This is like a neutral energy. It is there ready to be used but it as yet doesn’t have a direction. Then when you take a specialised crystal and direct a different energy through it to a certain part of the body, the effect is so much stronger because the basic energy from the quartz crystal is there, and that expands the energy and strengthens the energy you are putting in to do a specific job. Guide: You have it quite right. Geoff: So you program the crystal, which you are going to use to do a specific job to actually do it, and then the quartz for the right energy to magnify that specific function. Guide: And if by any chance, you are trying to help someone and you do not have your crystals with you, then you can just visualise where you will put them.

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