Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening



In this meditation we are being shown several forms of energy, and how they can be used. There is also a Guide channelling through Miriam.

Geoff:      I now have a small boat that was coming in to a pier – to tie up, and just gently bumped the pier.  The person who was steering it, his head went forward and he hit the windscreen just at the top of his eyes.  It’s done something very serious to his eyesight – it’s loosened the connection, between the eye and the part at the back of his eye.  He’s got off the boat in pain and collapsed on the wooden pier as his eyesight went.  He’s still semi-conscious and in a lot of pain but we must fix the eye sight before he reaches hospital, and we do this by putting  – I’ll do it and you just concentrate on giving me energy – at the back of the eye, at the back of the eyeball, the nerves or whatever, is connected to something behind.  As he hit his head the eyes almost became loose in their sockets and this connection is now damaged – it hasn’t gone back the right way.  I must put the index finger of both hands – stand behind him – put the index finger in each eye from the front, move it to the back of the eyeball and release the trapped nerves.  His blindness will now only be temporary.  It is like a tube that has been crushed and is now swollen but as it comes back to normal it will seem more like an artery, and he will regain his sight in a few days.

Miriam (Guide)    Would you give him a particular color for the eyes?

I know blue is a color to stop swelling which is cold but I’m getting a very light green – a very pale green which is soothing…

Miriam (Guide)    Yes.

Geoff… and not as strong as the ice blue.

Miriam (Guide)    That is it.  That is very good.

Geoff:      We must also just wrap his head in pink – like a huge pink bandage just for shock.  And now there is help coming and we can safely leave him

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