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DAWN CHANNELS THROUGH VERNA – 1989   By SpiritualDictionary.com

Dawn is a regular guide whose job it is to bring laughter into people’s lives when they need upliftment, she pops in tonight just for a casual chat.
Verna (Dawn) – It is bubble trouble, it has been such a long time and this channel did not want me to come, I heard her say ‘Oh no’ but that wasn’t going to stop me. I just wanted to come and say hello because I have been miles away from you, miles away, oh I have been working with Africans in Africa and all these people and oh it is so nice to come and say hello, and I haven’t got too much time. I was just passing and I thought I would come and give you some bubble trouble. Are you all keeping very well? And do you all have your pink bubbles? And do you use your pink bubbles or have they popped? And if they pop do you blow them up again? I don’t really know what to talk about, I have traveled all over the world, oh it is marvelous in my little pink bubble, pop, pop, pop, all over, making people laugh, being happy. And what is so marvelous I always stay at this level, you know on earth you are up here, down here, up here, and you’ve got a few pennies, so you are up here, then you lose a few pennies and you are down there. When you are up here you’ve got some food, you are down here you are starving, you know, up here having good times then somebody dies and you are down there, now you know if somebody dies you stay up here, because they have even got higher up here. No, I know what it is like, I am not always like this, I do have my serious moments, very occasionally. Sometimes this bubble pops a little bit, but I am very quick in blowing it up again. Miriam – And tell me are you able to bring any light relief to anyone in the war-torn areas? Verna (Dawn) – Ahh, I try. Miriam – It must be very difficult. Verna (Dawn) – You know the trouble is that you accept this, can you imagine, you see now I even find this funny, but it is not funny, it is serious, to be serious, there is much grief and destruction and horrific things going on, and then this bubble trouble comes waltzing in and it’s like you walking down the street and you are very sad and lonely and somebody laughs and laughs and you want to slap them and you think what right do they have to be so darned happy when I am so sad and miserable and their vibrations are so low that it takes a more serious- minded funny person to crack little nice cracks to get them a little higher, I could only come to some mad people like you. (Laugher) I do some of that work, I get out of my pink bubble and I get into my serious pair of pink shoes they are not as strong, and I bring some light heartedness and upliftment. But usually I don’t do that through channeling, because as you know I can’t control myself, and sometimes it has happened once or twice when I have been able to turn the pink shoes into my bubble, because the situation has sort of changed. Although it has been a drastic, drastic time you get this little group together, you see everybody really wants to be happy inside, it is just the material things and the disasters that take that away from you, but deep down it is still there that you want to laugh. And sometimes I, very seldom, but sometimes I have been able to feel inside their solar plexus that they are ready to have a good laugh, and they are spiritually awake enough to accept it, and I build up my bubble and bubble for them. But really that is serious work when someone is so emotionally torn apart, oh it is heart rendering and you have to heal it slowly, you have to go slow. You understand, I know you understand, I don’t have to go into detail. Well before you have any questions, I think I will bubble off. Geoff – I have only got a small question. Verna (Dawn) – Oh no, I heard it. Fire away. Geoff – We have a parrot over there. Does he have a spirit? Verna (Dawn) – Oh we know, do you know that I put him in a bubble the other day, he was going to fly out of his cage, and I was waltzing around here, the house was empty actually, I just came around. And so I put him in a little bubble and kept him in his cage, he couldn’t move. Yeah we play with animals, oh sorry what was your question? Geoff – Do they have spirits and do they have guides? Verna (Dawn) – You know what your birds got, you tell me! Geoff – Okay so he’s got a white pigeon. Verna (Dawn) – Yes, an enormous white bird, not a pigeon, no a cross between a dove and an eagle, I don’t know, just a big white bird, enormous, he goes to lots of birds, but he loves your parrot, and he shuts him up when you meditate. He comes and goes tweet, tweet, tweet and the bird shuts up. (Laugher) Miriam – He always goes quiet when we meditate. Verna (Dawn) – Yes and he visits him a lot, he does, and he comes to watch television, the white bird and he listens to the music. Oh yes, he has got a bird that looks after him, and what was your next question, oh the guide, that is his guide. Yeah they chat, bird talk mentally, they chat, oh your parrot is not really aware of this thing, I think maybe he has seen him once or twice and got the fright of his life, but the bird has to be very careful because your bird could die of a heart attack if he sees this big bird. He has a bad enough time with those outside, we have watched him. But I mean can you imagine if he suddenly saw this huge bird who says ‘I am your guide’ – oh boy, he would just die of a heart attack, yep dead gone, he would be joining him, he would be somebody else’s guide! And by the way your dog, I want to tell you about your dogs, your dogs are great, everybody loves your dogs and they talk to you in astral, yeah, they don’t go woof, woof either, they chat away to you in astral. And you pat them and of course the brown one, she kind of gives you the once over and toddles off, she is a very independent soul, isn’t she. She loves you but that’s it, you know, kind of yeah, yeah I know I love them all, old hat and off she goes. But old buggerlugs the black one, he still walks around like a snail you know, that’s why the kids love him, he has stayed old, with his one eye, and the kids pull his ears and stand on his tail and oh they love him to bits, and he comes and chats to you and he lies next to you a lot. Yeah, he just lies there he doesn’t need to talk to you, he just feels your presence in astral, sometimes you are working in astral and he will come and lie near you. But not the brown one, she says ‘I love you but gotta go’, she must be a Virgo. I was Virgo, I don’t know where the sense of humour came from I didn’t have it much on earth. I think maybe your stars change when you come up here. Geoff – I have seen the black dog a couple of times in meditation. Verna (Dawn) – Yeah the brown one you will find hard to see, because she just pops in and it is old hat, you know she loves you, you know that, why should she tell you that every day? Geoff – There is another dog as well, the brown one is Elsa, she died a few years before the others, there is another black one called Grets, an Alsatian. Verna (Dawn) – I wonder where she is, maybe she is off somewhere, oh she will probably come and say hello, I haven’t seen her around. Mind you I have only just met them, because I have been hanging around you for a while, as I say we have been traveling all around the world. And you have to pay! We see you fly here and fly there and carry the suitcases, oh boy, yeah we just land. No bombs, no searches, no suitcases to worry about. Sometimes it is hard to stay in your pink bubble with all the bad vibrations coming up from earth and all the terrible things that take place, but some of us have to, I do a lot of serious work, please don’t get me wrong, I don’t waltz around like a silly old goat all my life, all my dead life (Laughs). Actually I have been doing some serious work lately, but what I enjoy most of all is getting into my little pink bubble and the higher vibrations, and I think they blew my bubble this way tonight because of all your hard work, and your unsettlement, oh we get it all. So they blow my bubble your way, and I have left a whole room of pink bubbles for you, and if you can still breathe, I leave you all the love in the world, all the pink bubbles, all the peace, all the happiness, all the joy and you just keep all your vibrations high, even with all your worries about what to do, and you will see all these things will work out in the long run. Patience is a virtue, and virtue is a grace, and grace is a little girl who did not wash her face! Goodbye my friends, God bless, and I will come back another time. Verna – She is waiting now for you to see the pink bubbles, she is watching. Geoff – Yes I can see pink bubbles. Verna – And she said since we brought up the subject of her on the serious side and feeling the emotion, I felt when she was talking about her work, she will tell me that there is some very serious work coming up for them to do. A few disasters, some from nature, some man made, and they will have a lot of work to do and when we hear of any disasters will we take the pink bubbles, not those she has left us, but we will make pink bubbles and send them out to the disaster, because she will see them and we will help her with her work. And that will give her just the same amount of pleasure as she feels when she comes to us as mad bubble trouble Dawn, she says she knows you will, and she says she will give those bubbles with the earth vibrations to people in need, and that is how she will transmit our feelings of love, and feelings and prayers of healing, and spiritual upliftment with the vibrational spirit, with an earthly vibration of spirit connected to it for the earth people who are going to need healing with earth vibrations. And she said she is sorry she didn’t give this talk first and then make us laugh, but she does realise that we do understand and there is a lot of hard work ahead. But we must not let any of these disasters upset us to such a degree that our vibrations are so low with emotions that we cannot send out the power and the energy that they need from us. Will we please remember this it is vitally important, that you do not feel so sorry for these people with so much emotion, that when you do send out your feelings it is an emotional feeling, for that is wrong. We will be doing more harm than good, we would be sending them a distressed emotion of pity, and sadness instead of being able to give them the emotion of spiritual upliftment of love and caring. The love and caring must go with a high vibration and not a pity vibration, and there is a difference, yes she says please remember this, it is very important. A lot of people if they don’t control their emotions and that is why before you do spiritual healing to the power that we are doing it, they have to teach us to control our emotions to a certain degree, during the time of healing, otherwise the incorrect vibrations are passed forward. And you know yourself, when you are feeling down and someone shows you some emotional tender loving care you break down. But if they show you a joyful spiritual little giggle of affection and make a tiny little joke, with respect out of your situation, you might break down, but you will be in much stronger control of your emotions and you will heal faster. She hopes she put that in an understandable way. She now puts her hands in the form of a prayer, and blesses us all and she leaves. She says Geoff she will find out about your other dog, she says that somebody has come up to her and said that they know this dog, this is the dog which feared lightening. Geoff – Yes. Verna – That dog is so spiritual and does so much work that you will hardly ever see that dog, it helps other dogs who have a fear of lightening, because this dog, I think this was a lady dog, she says, which of course I know is correct. This lady dog still remembers the terrible and horrific fear that she suffered during storms and lightening, so she goes down and she pacifies other dogs that have this same fear. And why she experienced this on earth was to teach her to be able to do this kind of work. So there you are, she says your dog is a very busy little lady. And this dog walks around with a white light and is very well loved. The children leave that dog in peace. For that dog prefers animals and to work with animals and that dog has organised animals together to help it do the work and she is very high and has many helpers, and her and all her helpers go down and she allocates them their jobs of what to do and where to go and this dog has a very strong white light. And in fact she does not think that you will be able to see this dog of yours maybe when your vibrations are higher and you are in spirit you will see this dog but she does not think you will see this dog while you are on earth, the vibrations of this dog are far too high. Geoff – That is very interesting. Verna – So you can be very proud of your lady dog, and she says now that they have given her the message about your dog, and she really must go, and she gives a curtsy, with her dress out here. And she leaves.  

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