Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening


DIANA 29 October 1999 Miriam (Diana) – This is Diana Luke – Welcome Miriam (Diana) – Thank you, but then I am with you all day, and every day. Luke – Good Miriam (Diana) – Well, this Sunday you are going to be very busy, and you should know your destination today, but I want to continue the tape that I started and this one will be separate. You can add part of the other one on, but this ending is for my family only, the beginning part can be heard by anyone.   What I would most like to say to my family, specially my sons, is not to grieve for me, but to know that I am with them always, nearly always, I do have other work to do, but whenever they need me, they only have to call. I wish them not to grieve, for in grieving they make it difficult for me to continue the work that I have chosen in this side of the veil. When I first came over here, it was not a bit like I expected, I think like a lot of people, I expected it to be, angels around, with their wings and everything heavenly, well it is heavenly, but in another sense it is just like being on earth. You have your houses, you have your schools of learning, you have your churches of all denominations that are good, you have your convalescent places for those who have been injured like myself, and those who have been ill stay for a while until they have cast off their earthly bodies. There are so many places that are just like what you had on earth, but for those who imagine it to be different, then they will see exactly what they want, for this part of life which we say is more true than living in mortal flesh is only thought. For we are only, when I say only, it is a very big only, we are spirit, and we have more than one body, we have seven, and everything is thought, and yet we look and feel solid. For as long as that anything is in constant use then that will stay, whether it be your house, your garden, your clothes, your parks, your animals anything as long as it is in constant use, then it remains. But if after a while then you do not wish that it disappears and it is part of creation as we all are. I do not wish the people to constantly grieve for me and make it an unhappy occasion of the time that I passed, for I am now very, very happy. Although I miss my dear boys, I know that I can see how they are growing, and I can be near them whenever they wish, and the only thing I truly miss is that I cannot cuddle them, I cannot put my arms around them, not in a solid feeling, but I am nearer to them than I ever was on earth, for now it is more constant. But I would rather people remembered the work that I started and continue that, for this earth is greatly in need of change to make people realise they are destroying it by pollution, they are destroying the earth which is now rebelling. They are destroying the young today by not leading them correctly, they are destroying so many things that not only affects them and the areas around, but affects the other planets and it reaches far. And that is why soon there will be voices spoken from spirit, and from afar to reach the peoples of earth, all over, that they may realise only they can change things. It is free will on earth just as it is free will once you pass over into where I am at the moment. But here it is so perfect, it is so beautiful, there is no need for fights, for even those who disagree, which they do religion wise, or idea wise, after all you do not change just because you have passed into spirit, you take over whatever appearance you wish, some return to former lives and some who are so very evolved spiritually continue on the spiritual path, which has many, many levels and many vibrations. It is from these higher levels and vibrations where spirit will be speaking to the peoples, that they will realise that if they do not change, they will destroy the earth completely. But it is not God’s wish that it should be destroyed and yet God is only love, pure, pure love and He can only hope and direct where he thinks his children will do the best. Everyone has been given a choice when they are born, everyone chooses their life, everyone has a talent of some kind, even those who are so badly brain retarded, disabled, they have and are able to bring joy to those who look after them. And remember they have chosen their lives, that is not for me to go into now, for it is very involved, there are many reasons why you choose a life. Not everyone returns to the physical, for you can progress spiritually while in spirit but I understand it is much, much harder, that is why people are reborn in order that they may learn a lesson or help someone else to learn a lesson, it is their choice, and always from now until the end it is free will. That is not to say that those from on high are not upset at the way things are going, they are, and very occasionally it is granted that they can have a little bit of extra power to maneuver someone in order that they can be of help to a greater number of people. But it has to be with their permission, always, always it is free will. I never thought that I would pass over as I did, I am sorry that there is so much wrangling still going on as to who was guilty, it is not for me to say. It is quite true that I took over another body for that person I knew would be able to do what I said, would believe what I was saying for she knew all about the people, that I was talking about, she knew the places that I had been. And although we were not such very close friends, we were close enough and she was quite willing for me to continue with her body once I had taken over those first few days. It is one way of awakening people to look around them and not just to look, but to see what they are looking at. The countryside is being destroyed, the young are being destroyed by being given so much freedom, there is no discipline like there should be, there is too much pampering of the guilty, as we see it from here, and this can only be changed by the people themselves. This lady through whom I am speaking has offered her services with the help of her husband that spirit and those not in spirit can be used to direct their voice through her. It is written by the creator himself and it has to be. This tape is especially for you my darlings, and I only have one regret, that there had to be a divorce, but then I would never have achieved what I did, if that had not occurred. So I ask Charles not to think too badly of me, and to understand that there are many ways, looking back that one could change, but you always do what you think is right at the time. I wish him a very, very happy future and I wish my darling boys also to know that should they ever need for me to speak to them again, I am here until the end of the days of these two people, with whom I am staying, with my dear spiritual mother and sister, Francis and Nora. I have asked for this tape to be sent as soon as possible and I shall instruct it to go to my sons. But they, of course, will let their father hear, for there must be no estrangement between them. They must always, always be loved, goodbye for now and God bless you. Luke – Thank you, bless you

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