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DIANA 2 November 1999 Miriam (Diana) – This is Diana. Luke – Welcome Miriam (Diana) – Thank you, this lady is, I don’t know why I call her this lady because I am with you so often now, let me call her by her proper name, Miriam is very, very choky since these new sprays have been used. Luke – Yes Miriam (Diana) – New inhalers, it makes it difficult to get through, but never the less we persevere. These few words that I am speaking I would like to go on to the first tape that I did, which is for the public, and then I will tell you later where I would like you to send it. For it is essential that the public know that spirit are waiting to speak to them before there are any more disastrous changes to the environment, to nature and the pollution that is around. Already nature is rebelling and causing tragedy at the moment, it is Nepal I think it is, but it is in the Indian area, the flooding, and the lives that have been lost. There is another disaster to come yet this year. There has been trouble in so many different countries and it is nature rebelling against the pollution, it is mankind that is causing all the difficulties, nearly all the difficulties, and it is mankind that is causing man against man because of the color of their skin, it is greed that is causing so much difficulty because people think that they should have what others have earned. They see the result, they do not know how those people have achieved their wealth. They are envious, they are given too much, too easily and they must be brought to their senses. Many people will say when they hear this “well it was all right for her, she had plenty of money”, and granted that was not an issue. But there is much that one can do with your life, everyone no matter how poor, no matter how disabled, no matter what their color of skin and their environment, they all have a talent of some kind. And they must be made to realise that they have this one life and it is up to them to make the best of it, because if they don’t then they have to come back again, and again, and again. Until they conquer and fulfill their destiny, it is not for me to say all that has to be said, for I have not been in spirit for long enough, I have not the knowledge that needs to be passed on, but this tape is to be a beginning so that people will be prepared for when spirit speak through those who have offered their services. Not just to spirit but to those from afar who are not in spirit. This has to be done very soon, and it is my reason for adding this on to the first tape that I did, and I shall tell Miriam where to send it and I hope that it will be received with the love that it is given, for I do send love to all the peoples no matter who they are, no matter where they are, no matter how they are living, everyone deserves love of some kind and it is up to us to give what we can. Not to worry if we cannot go around doing lots of good and voluntary work, for we are not all in a position to do that, but even a smile goes a long way, and everyone surely can give a smile. I leave you now with God’s blessing to all and hope that they will listen to this tape, and realise that it comes from my heart, for there is so little that I can do from my side of the veil, but I do hope that some of the work, that all of the work that I started can continue in as much or as little as people can manage but as long as it continues. Luke – Thank you Miriam (Diana) – God bless you both Luke – Thank you, bless you  

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