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Healing with Fiona
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To do a chakra balancing I make use of pure intent, Reiki, Divine Energy, Crystals, Sound, and the power of the spoken word. I facilitate the releasing of negative and toxic emotions that can cause, ailments, dis-ease, anxieties and fear within the body, in order for you to feel more relaxed, more at ease and living your life joyfully. A Chakra Balancing can be likened to a tune-up or service of the body. Filling you up your body with positive energy and balancing body mind and soul for optimum health and well-being and functionality.

During your visit to the Portal Of Alchemy, either online via Zoom or in-person in Pinetown, Fiona will document your personal/spiritual history, as well as what you feel your blockages has been, every event that affected you emotionally the most in your life up to where you find yourself now and your goals to what you would like to achieve in your sessions during your consultation. She then connects with her Higher Self and her Guides, your Higher Self and your Guides and ask for Divine Guidance in where to start you off with and how to best help you. Always tailor-making each session to your needs and assisting you to you next level. You will always receive the best care and attention from Fiona.

Sessions are up to 2 hours

Bookings can be done online or WhatsApp
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Fiona van Rensberg
082 788 1413
South Africa


Here is my experience, I remember feeling very emotional and physical drained. I went for a healing session at the Portal Of Alchemy and the feeling and visual experience was more than just healing and releasing pent-up emotions and fears but of spiritually awakening. We are all energy beings and Fiona and Nathan helped me see that. Besides helping me see my spirit path, I gained so much more from this place. The friendship, the trust and a knowing that I am not alone on my journey to spiritually enlightenment. Enjoy your journey at the Portal Of Alchemy… Love and light

Deshani Chetty | November 14, 2022

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