Removing negative energies
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Everyone has bad experiences, and everyone makes mistakes, because that is how we learn. These can have a negative effect on our self-esteem and progress in our lives.  These can cause anxiety, stress, despair, guilt and a host of other problems depending on your upbringing.  These can compromise your work, relationships and emotions......... AND THIS SHOULD NOT HAPPEN.

Spend an hour understanding why these have happened, and the best way forward. I can then remove the blockages in your energy, which are held in your spine, that are creating these negative effects in your daily life - stopping you going forward as well as you should.

I will remove 90% of the memory, leaving a small amount just as a reminder, which is all that is needed.

Its a bit like re-booting a computer - all the bits that you don't need are removed, and you have a clean start without losing any valuable information.     R500 for the hour or whatever is needed.

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