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The Wiccan Way
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Learn the practice of Eclectic Wicca. This course offers a holistic syllabus. We learn about Wicca and the practice of Magick, and also about how to create a harmonious home environment; spiritual healing through crystals; physical healing through herbs; emotional and psychological healing through positive thinking, focus exercises, meditation and elemental exercises; divination, such as using Runes, Numerology and the Tarot, and how to expand our natural potentials through learning to see auras, dowse, astral travel and increase our telepathic abilities.
Through practical exercises, the mind is trained for Magickal work. These exercises are designed to encourage personal growth as well as an ability to visualize and create manifestation, and added to that is spiritual enlightenment.
The course includes
- Introduction to Wicca
- Sacred Celebrations, Moon Magick and Rites of Passage
- The Theory of Magick, Spell Casting, Creating your Altar, Magickal Circles
- Sacred Space and Smudging, House Clearing, Guardians
- ESP, Mind Power, Telepathy, Psychometry, Dowsing, Astral Travel & Auras
-Dreaming with Moon, Dream Charting and Journalling
- Herbal Healing and Essential Oils
- Healing with Crystals
- Palmistry, Numerology, Tarot, Runes and Basic Astrology

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