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DIVAS HEALING A FOREST By The Spiritual Dictionary

In this meditation (1992) we are discussing nature. I am being shown the lesson, and the Guide channeling through Miriam is John. Luke Snr is there too, who is a powerful energy source. Geoff – What I’ve got is a large tree. It’s fallen over and it’s been burned, many years ago and the bottom — the roots have sort of faded away and it seems to be hollowed out from the base, going up the trunk. The hollow is only about six-foot deep. It has very unusual markings. It’s as if it has been scraped out by claws because there are ridges going down the inside, all the way around. It must have happened, I don’t know, thirty, forty, fifty years ago. The place where it’s at is covered with a thin layer of snow. There are trees around it, which are very young, maybe four or five years old. It’s slightly raised on a hill and I can see on the hills opposite, lots of other trees. They have, obviously, come along and cut down the old trees and planted new ones, I guess, five years ago. The area is very lonely, like, in vibration. There seems to be nothing else living here. I can’t sense any animals. The air is very stale, is the best word I can think of. There is very little life here, although, the trees are growing here — struggling to grow. And there is also an Indian here with gray hair and a band around his forehead, a single feather at the back and he is sitting cross-legged by the base of this tree. He has, sort of, winter clothes on — long hide britches, a hide top and what I assume is moccasins on his feet. The band around his forehead is pink, which is very unusual, but it is the colour of giving. I have sat down next to him and he’s reached across and he’s taken my left hand in his right. I think this is to communicate what has happened around here. The region is Canada and there was a fire at some stage — not a big one, but the land was very dry. The trees weren’t all that old. When the trees were planted and started to grow, that’s when the fire was. It was quite dry and only the foliage on the ground and the pine needles and, so on, all burned and the trees were burned and they were damaged. The fire stunted their growth. It burned the bases of the trees and these trees couldn’t draw further liquid from the ground and started to wither and die. The ground has been left ever since by the owners and it would take a lot longer time for the trees to get back into proper shape, if at all. Many will die altogether. I’m not sure the area is Bordeaux or if the Indian is calling himself Bardow. It’s not important. Now, the trees need a stronger energy than that that can be supplied by the nature Divas. There are many Divas there, but they only have a very light form of energy, but when they group together they can transmit a stronger form of energy, but it’s very limited. And as there are not just acres of, but square miles of these trees all in the same condition, they need a lot more energy to assist with the damage that’s been done. What we have to do is fix these trees and when it comes to spring everybody will assume that the trees have just grown with spring and so on, but if we don’t fix them they will die. There is no way we can fix them by ourselves. There are just far too many of them. But we can call in other forms of energy. The energy is an Earth vibration, which is very coarse, but the Divas can direct that vibration, that energy, to where they need. To get this energy in, we must call it in from other circles and other areas. The energy that we will be calling is, basically, stored. At the end of a meditation session when we say, send the energy to where it is needed, it is often put in a storage area until it can be used for a specific purpose. This is an ongoing process from hundreds of circles around the world. What we will do now is send out a message for Spirit to direct that energy to us. We will then send it to the Divas for them to use. We will send it into the area where it will just, sort of, remain as a mist that you can’t see and the Divas will then use it to correct the damage that’s been done. Why it has to go through us is because the energy was created through our (Earth) vibrations. It can be used by Spirit, but in this case, it’s going to be much stronger. When it comes back through us, it becomes a purer form of Earth vibration energy. That is a very important process because it transfers a lot of energy. And they’re bringing it in now, and it seems to be going into Luke Snr and into me, and then I’m sending it out to remain like a mist amongst all these trees. The Divas will then start to use it. What is happening is, it’s very — it’s coming from all directions. It’s very wide. There’s a lot of it. It’s going into Luke. It’s coming across to me as a more uniform piece of energy, which I’m then dispersing. The main thing that is happening is the damaged bark around the base of the tree is becoming much drier and will crack and peel off from the trees, which people will put down to winter. In its place, we’re putting thin veins of energy connecting the bark at the bottom to the bark at the top. And they are thin, green — they look like tiny pieces of thread and this is all that’s needed to make the connection. The tree, itself, will then — it’s like grafting on a piece of living tissue from the bark at the bottom to the bark at the top. The tree then takes it over and expands it so it can bring more moisture up into the branches and within a matter of a few weeks, a new thin layer of green bark will be formed and the trees will continue growing as normal, and the full bark will, eventually, cover the base of the tree in, literally, a matter of two months. People will be putting this down to spring. It’s an area where people rarely come, so growth is rarely seen and it will be checked the next time, in a few weeks time in spring, when everybody will assume — all those that check it, will assume that the growth happened naturally. And there are others doing the same thing. Not just our group, there are other groups here. I can see them working in the same way on different hills. The hills are all surrounding us. Guide: Isn’t it lovely you have a linkup with the others? This is John again. Geoff – Welcome, John. Guide:  Another nature lesson. Geoff – The Indian that was there at the base of the big tree was, basically, just to direct us to do what we’ve just done, which is now completed. And he gives thanks on behalf of the Divas in nature and on behalf of Spirit and Blessings, and he moves off to another area, where he will welcome another group to do the same thing.

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