Channelled ‘lessons’ from spirit guides and teachers with answers to understanding how the “Change of the Earth” is happening



Geoff – Okay now I am going to another planet, and this planet again doesn’t have any gravity, and this planet exists in another dimension. I can see that because it is so much clearer, it is not part of our universe, therefore it must be another dimension. Looking down on the planet, it is covered in a lot of greens, browns, reds, it is a bit like a giant cabbage. I go down to the planet, and I see that it is made up of memories. Layer upon layer of memories and these memories are not being used anymore, they have just been left dormant. Miriam (channeling) – For what purpose? Geoff – I put my arms all around it to get a feel and the memories are just dormant, I am trying to see why, I go right inside, and inside there is one, central energy, one mind. It is bright yellow, orange, green, red, and it’s moving. I go up to it and I put my arms around it and try to get in it to feel…………….I have got a huge pair of eyes, sort of sort, long eyelashes, female, loving. I am seeing the odd memory coming towards it as well and them being collected. This is because everything has to go somewhere, it can’t just wander around on its own, so these memories are something that will possibly be used sometime in the future. Miriam (channeling) – Yes, there has to be a storage place. Geoff – Yes, now this entity, a very loving entity that is collecting all of this, it is a special type of entity, because it cannot be influenced, it has a nice understanding of emotions, so it doesn’t get influenced by all the memories that come in, because there are far more bad memories, tragic events, and things that didn’t work out, experiments and that sort of thing, none of our good ones, and this entity is not affected by the memories simply because she understands so well that each of these memories or experiences had to be to help somebody else progress. And she is quite happy and content.

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