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Just before our normal meditation evening, Verna and I sensed that Spirit wanted us to connect – it happened very fast as they needed to use us to convert their Spiritual energy to Earth energy. Verna: I have somebody surfing, he is a little bit reckless, he is off his surfboard and he is under the water. I am going to give it to you but he is under the water. Try and pick this up – they need you for this. Geoff:  I see him facing downwards.  He has red shorts on and a white board going downwards. Something different.  His surfboard is stuck between two rocks and the tide is going one way and he is holding round the…..    . His line has snapped, linking him to the surfboard and he is now being rolled along under the water by the current.  He is not quite unconscious, he is terribly confused.  He is taking water into his lungs. Now what we do is use the energy of the sea, we get it to push him upwards to a wave which is bound to break …..and he is going to get rolled, tossed, tumbled all sorts all the way up to the beach.  He will hit the beach where he will be rescued….. that is the important part and all we do is push him upwards using the line of the waves breaking….. push. I can see him rolling, and rolling over and over completely unconscious and he will land up on the beach. Nobody has noticed him yet. We must draw the attention of the people to look towards him coming up on the beach now – and they will see that he is not moving and they will rush across and help him. His lungs are full of water and the people there don’t really know what to do. They must keep him face downwards and what spirit is doing is putting in their minds what they must do to help him.  One is giving him respiration but face upwards which should be face down, and he has to cough up the water…….. and we can help by putting our hands inside his lungs, tickling the inside of the lungs which create an action where he wants to cough………… and there he goes coughing up water.  As he coughs he takes in oxygen which brings him back to consciousness. It is a very narrow escape for him, he will be all right but it was a very important lesson for him. Something he will do in the future will revolve around the same thing.  It will be very important…… I am not sure why. It is not important that we know why – perhaps something to do with his future that he will teach others and so on. That’s done now……we can leave him whatever energy is necessary or whatever is needed……. he will be fine because his guides are there.

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